Champion customer experience.

Turn simple one-click surveys into feedback. and feedback into opportunities to grow and improve your business.

CloudTalk’s integration with Nicereply lets you…

Surveys At Scale

Choose when, where, and how you issue your surveys with email, in-sign, and links to maximize responses.

Task Automation

Automatically send out satisfaction surveys after finalizing a ticket, conversation, deal, or chat.

CSAT Overview

Monitor how customers view your organization and its various aspects through comprehensive reports.

Integrate Nicereply with ease

Thrive on tailored ticketing

Choose when and how CloudTalk automatically creates tickets to streamline individual teams’ workflows and maximize overall organizational efficiency.

From start to success

Maintain a complete overview of all your prospect/customer interactions across calls and SMS messages and create the ultimate personalized experience.

Drive employee efficiency

Get real-time insights into agent performance via CloudTalk’s Dashboard, direct initiatives such as lowering wait times, and drive competition between employees.


Who uses Nicereply?

Nicereply is a tool that helps companies improve customer experience. If your company wants a versatile platform with different survey options, metrics, and scales to boost customer satisfaction, Nicereply is the ideal solution.

How Nicereply can be used?

Nicereply helps businesses understand their customer service through three main metrics: 1. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is about customers’ feelings about recent interactions. 2. Customer Effort Score (CES) identifies areas where customers face frustration in doing business with you. 3. Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customers’ likelihood to recommend your product or service. Identify both loyal and unhappy customers, along with the reasons behind their feelings.

Is the trial free?

Yes, it is. You don’t need a credit card to begin the Nicereply trial. They have various plans tailored to your needs, depending on the number of survey responses and users in your account each month.

CloudTalk is a data-driven solution for exceptional customer experience and intelligence is a key part of it.

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