Predictive dialer – a tool which helps you get in touch your clients

Predictive dialer allows you to increase efficiency and the number of calls you make. When an agent is available, CloudTalk automatically dials the next call in line.

Predictive dialer ensures that more customer calls are made in a shorter time. It is an ideal tool to get in touch with your customers. In each campaign, you can also configure the time for which the agent remains unavailable after the call ends (the time necessary to finish administration tasks related to the call). After the time elapses, CloudTalk automatically dials the number of the next client in the campaign’s contact list.

This means that the agent does not have to search through contact lists in the active campaign and manually select prospects who have not been contacted yet. Predictive dialer eliminates the need to dial phone numbers manually. This allows you to increase agent productivity, reduce idle time and reduce the time spent dialing.
Predictive dialer is suitable for all types of outbound calls made from your call center – customer satisfaction monitoring, information on parcel shipping or telemarketing campaigns.

How does predictive dialer work?

Dialers in general serve to automatize the process of dialing phone numbers. Predictive dialer automatically dials phone numbers included in your contact list assigned for a particular campaign and directs them to agents who are currently available.

Some of predictive dialer benefits:

Efficient use of agents’ working time

Call center productivity largely depends on the number of calls made in a day. Automatic predictive dialer enables you to gain control over outbound calls, because the dialer does not route outbound calls to busy agents. This improves your team efficiency. In addition, when the client answers an inbound call coming from your call center, the agent on the line can provide them with seasonal offer, which is a key ingredient for successful campaigns.

As agents do not have to waste time searching through a contact database and dialing phone numbers manually, they have more time to improve their skills and thus generate more sales.

Manage your calls and campaigns easily

By using Predictive Dialer, you can easily manage the list of contacts in individual campaigns. You can also monitor and collect data related to your campaigns – data on sales, popularity of offered products, history of customer calls, etc. 

Scheduling calls with a tool that allows you to get in touch with customers

Call center agents frequently call a customer who is not available at that moment. During the call, the agent can use a user-friendly table, tick the option Schedule a call and set an exact date and time when the customer will be available. Once the time comes, Predictive Dialer will give preference to the scheduled client before other clients included in the campaign contact list.

Predictive dialer improves agent efficiency by increasing the number of customer calls made in an hour by 200%.

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