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All data in call center

CloudTalk Insider #2: Call monitoring

Are you using call monitoring in your company? If not, you are missing out – call monitoring, along with call […]

Call masking

CloudTalk Insider #1: What is Call Masking?

Call masking is frequently used by businesses nowadays to ensure the privacy of their and their customers’ data. Why is […]

local numbers

Benefits of international phone numbers – and how to get one quickly

International phone numbers can be a huge help for you if you are planning to expand your business to other […]

Sales Dialers

What Is a Sales Dialer and Why Do You Need One?

Phone communication is one of the key factors for many businesses. In fact, more than 92 % of customer interactions […]

What is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) & 7 Signs That You Need it

What is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) & 7 Signs That You Need it

Sooner or later, every well-functioning call center is bound to deal with a high volume of calls. Luckily, there are […]

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What Is Real-Time Customer Information

Knowing your customers is essential for a hassle-free customer service. Learn more about real-time customer information and why it is […]