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What is Call Flip and How to Use it In Your Call Center

In the world of customer service, there are plenty of tools and techniques that you can use to simplify your […]

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Voicemail to Email: Guide on How to Send it & benefits

If you talk on the phone for a living, chances are you’ve got to deal with missed calls and voicemails. […]

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Free Conference Calling for Business – How to Set it Up

Conference calls were once reserved for large corporations that worked and had meetings overseas. They were also quite a luxury, […]

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Auto Dialer: What it s, How it Works and Setup for VoIP

If a hardworking call center agent manually dials phone numbers, he will be able to speak on average for no […]

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How to Record a Phone Call on Any Device

The recording of phone calls is a popular practice, especially for businesses that offer call center services. Having calls recorded […]

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Supercharge Your Agents with an Auto Dialer for Sales

When working in customer support, sales departments, or any other place that requires contacting other people via phone calls day […]

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Call Flows: importance, tips for effectivity

Everyone in the customer service industry knows that first impressions are crucial. Depending on how well the first contact with […]

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What is Call Queue and How to Use it for Inbound Calls

Having to wait on hold is one of the main reasons why customers dislike calling support lines. For the majority […]

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7 Tips for using Call Routing to Improve Agents’ Efficiency

Whenever customers try to reach out to you, it’s a moment of direct contact with your brand or a so-called […]

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CloudTalk Insider #2: Call monitoring

Are you using call monitoring in your company? If not, you are missing out – call monitoring, along with call […]