7. January 2019 Blog

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Great customer service is one of the keys to success of every business. To improve customer satisfaction, companies must learn how to meet the expectations of their clients. After all, satisfied customers often turn into loyal customers.

The definition of customer satisfaction has been changing for the past few decades. Nowadays, business owners define it as a measurement of how well a product or a service meets (or surpasses) customer’s expectations. Therefore, businesses need to have a clear strategy to improve their customer service. So what are some of the ways companies can use to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty?

1. Treat every customer like a VIP

Give customers the same excellent treatment you would like to receive yourself. It’s simple as that! For example, thank your customers for calling and assist them as much as you can. A good way to incorporate this in your call center is to organize internal trainings with a simple role play in which call center agents can act out a few scenarios with various types of customers. Watch how they solve the situations and give them tips on what to improve.

2. Personalize your customer care

In today’s era of digitalization and automation, personalized approach is more than welcomed. Start with addressing the customer by their name. You can also try remembering special occasions such as customers’ birthdays or give them personalized promotions or discounts. Personalized treatment is one of the best ways towards increasing customer satisfaction. 

3. Provide multichannel support 

With new communication channels and social media becoming increasingly important, e-commerce operators must develop an omnichannel approach to allow customers to choose the channel they prefer. Seamless transition between channels also prevents clients from repeating the same information to different contact center agents. In addition, if your customer comes with an issue on Facebook, don’t force them to make a phone call or write an e-mail. They contacted you on social media because this is the most comfortable way for them to communicate.

4. Listen to customers

Customer feedback is a great opportunity to improve customer satisfaction. Feedback can be collected in various ways, for example by means of surveys. In addition, to boost customer satisfaction, you need to know what makes your customers happy and what makes them dissatisfied. Being aware of any issues is the first step towards resolving them. But listening is not enough if you don’t react. It is important to process customer feedback and implement necessary changes.

5. Don’t underestimate social media

Take the time and observe what people are saying about your business online. In today’s social media age, word of mouth is incredibly important and customers like to post and share their (dis)satisfaction with products or services. This can have direct impact on your business. People use their mobile phones dozens of times per day and turn to social media when they want to leave a complaint. Take the opportunity and use social media to boost customer satisfaction. The reviews might inspire you to implement changes or innovations.  In addition, customers demand quick responses on social media. Be sure to answer negative feedback in a timely manner and try to offer a solution to fix the client’s problem.

6. Be honest

One of the biggest reasons for customer dissatisfaction is when a service or product does not match the customer’s expectations. So don’t give promises that you can’t keep. If you tell a customer that you will let them know when their issue is solved, be sure that you do!

7. Be proactive

The objective is to contact customers before they need to pick up the phone and contact you! For example, send them regular updates about the status of their order. This strategy can reduce inbound calls and improve agent efficiency. This also proves that great customer service isn’t just good for the consumer, it’s good for the business as well.