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Emotion analytics

Emotion analytics are nowdays one of the top trends in analytics and data collection. Do not hesitate and start to use them, your customer service will improve!

You can focus on worldwide metrics and statistics like First call resolution or Average call duration, you can have the best productivity tools but what matters is the human factor on your customer support and sales department.

Emotion analytics can be an effective tool for supervisors to give relevant feedback and make new suggestions for teamwork and working conditions. It can help them a lot in terms of coaching and one-on-one meetings with agents and improve your overall customer experience.

Your agents can simply rate their conversation or customer’s mood after every call with just single click action. After each call, your agents are asked to rate the mood of the conversation by selecting one from five emoticons.

5 simple emoticons that everyone knows

However, satisfaction evaluation is a personal subjective opinion it can still help you find out a lot about your agents and their communication with your customers.

Curious about emotional analytics?

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Easy to use emotion statistics

  • percentage value of your customer’s mood of last month
  • percentage value divided into weeks
  • individual Agent performance

These features might be interesting for you:

  • Call Statistics – CloudTalk is a truly data-based call center analytics software. Complex statistics on calls, agents and call queues all in one place. 
  • Wallboard – Wallboard will allow you to optimize agent productivity, reduce waiting times and immediately address the caller’s needs, improving their satisfaction.
  • Emotion Analytics – Emotion Analytics is nowadays one of the top trends in analytics and data collection. 

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