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Import Your Contacts Effortlessly Into CloudTalk

Keep all your customer data in one place. Import your contact lists into CloudTalk from a simple text file and get constant access to all information.

Import all customer data in under a minute

See callers’ details before picking up the call

Personalize your database with custom tags

Save agent’s time by always keeping all necessary information in sight 

How You Can Benefit From Contact Import 

All data in one place

With our contact import feature, you can keep all communication, analytics, and client information in one place. No more switching windows!

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Use custom fields

You might need more data on your customers than just their names, and contact details. With custom fields, you can add any important information.

Take advantage of contact tags

Use pre-assigned or custom contact tags to filter your contacts easier. Each imported contact automatically gets the “CSV Import” tag. You can also assign custom tags to your contacts for optimal workflow.

Save time and boost agent efficiency

Your agents make and take calls all day. Having to constantly look up different customer information is a time-consuming nightmare! With contact import, your agents will always have the right data in front of them before the call even starts.

CloudTalk + Contact Import = Success

CloudTalk lets you do more than just update your database. With our custom tags, you can have any important information on your customers at your fingertips, from their date of birth to even their favorite color.

Help your business grow with as much personalized data as you need!

Get a first-hand experience
with CloudTalk

CloudTalk has unsurpassed efficiency, it helps you maintain total control over the way you want to connect with your customers. It is simple, effective, and has all the necessary tools to work from home.

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How to import contacts to CloudTalk from a CSV file?

1. In the CloudTalk left menu, go to Settings > Integrations.
2. Select CSV Import.
3. Upload the CSV file.
4. Type in the default country code (this helps to ensure that all the numbers which are missing the country code will be formatted correctly).
5. Tag your contacts — put any kind of identification on the contacts you are about to import. This will come in handy once you will use a Power Dialer or just filter through the contacts. (Please remember that there should be no spaces between words. Good examples of tags are: coldleads, warmleads, csvimport…)
6. Click on the Save and start button.

For more information, check out our Help Article: How to import contacts to CloudTalk from a file?

How to import contacts into CloudTalk?

Through integrations: Your business and the contacts of your loyal clients and prospects will be automatically synchronized at predefined intervals. The updated list of integrations can be found here, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you didn’t find your favorite solution. We might be already working on it. For more information on integrations, please visit our website.

CSV import: Upload a CSV file with a single click (for example from Excel) and import your contact database into CloudTalk. You can find a sample file directly in CloudTalk’s interface. More on CSV import here.

Manually: CloudTalk’s intuitive interface allows you to add a new client with relevant data in the Contacts tab. You can also assign a preferred agent to whom the customer’s calls will be routed. The real-time customer card feature allows you to create a new contact even if you are still talking with the client.

API: Integrate CloudTalk with external systems that you use regularly via our API. Integrations can be used to import or export contacts and for regular downloads of call history, orders, tickets, etc. Once your systems are interconnected with CloudTalk via API, all available information and data will be synchronized regularly.

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