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Never betray the public’s trust or jeopardize their data with CloudTalk’s powerful end-to-end encryption. All our numbers are compliant with local laws, GDPR, and PCI-DSS.


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How Government Organizations Use VoIP Phone Systems

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Helping the Government Respond to 500 Calls per Second During COVID-19 

When COVID-19 broke out in 2020, Slovakia’s public sector faced numerous challenges, including how to handle distributing general coronavirus information, tracking cases, scheduling vaccinations, and more. 

Despite Slovakia’s Ministry of Health’s Crisis Management Department having 150+ employees, they couldn’t keep up with the number of incoming calls, and the need for a specialized hotline quickly became evident. 

Naturally, CloudTalk jumped at the opportunity to help. In just a few days, we helped create an Emergency Call Center that could (and did) facilitate as many as 500 calls per second. During the outbreak’s height, the call center received up to 15,000 calls a day and provided callers with many advanced features. 


What is the best government phone service?

The best government phone service would be subjective and depend on individual needs and location. CloudTalk is a leading provider of cloud-based call center solutions, and though it is not specifically a government phone service, it can help you overcome all challenges in public communication.

Does the government use VoIP phones?

Yes, the government uses VoIP phones as a cost-effective solution for communication. VoIP services and technology allow government employees to stay connected and productive on the go, which is crucial in a fast-paced work environment. With Cloudtalk’s VoIP for Government solution, public servants can use voice, video, mobility, and instant messaging to collaborate and respond quickly to constituents and colleagues.

What’s the alternative to VoIP?

The alternative to VoIP is traditional landline phones, which require a physical connection to a telephone company’s network. However, landlines are becoming outdated as VoIP technology offers more cost-effective and advanced features for communication. Cloudtalk’s VoIP system provides a range of features that make it an ideal alternative to traditional landlines, including scalability, security, mobility, and collaboration tools.

Can any phone be used as a VoIP phone?

Not all phones can be used as a VoIP phone. VoIP phones are designed to work with VoIP technology, requiring a broadband internet connection. However, converting a traditional phone into a VoIP phone is possible using an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). An ATA allows you to connect a standard phone to a VoIP system, enabling you to make and receive calls using VoIP technology.


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