Agent Status

In order to distinguish which agent is unoccupied at the moment, the agent status feature enables your agents to set up their availability.

This is essential, especially when call routing features are used in your team, as the agent status suggests, whether you are available to pick up the phone at a certain moment. 

Get a better overview of your team performance

  • As a manager, you can easily check the status of each agent in real-time
  • Discover how much time every agent spent in a certain status in the reporting section
  • Get a full picture even when working remotely

Status change

CloudTalk by default offers online, idle and offline status. When you need to change your status, you can do so either in the dashboard or directly in your phone app.

Optimize agents' performance with a simple step

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CloudTalk is also changing statuses automatically, for instance, when your computer is shut down then your status is offline. When you signed in to your phone app, you will be displayed online.

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