Ring groups help you manage your customer support team

Make sure that customer calls ring multiple or all agents at once. This will shorten the response time and improve your customer support.

Improve your customer support management with CloudTalk’s Ring Groups. This feature is ideal for companies wanting to ensure that inbound calls are distributed based on their unique business needs. For example, you may want to route a specific group of clients only to your colleagues with IT skills:

  1. create a call queue entitled Tech Support
  2. assign your agents with good IT skills to the group
  3. all inbound calls made by selected clients will first ring to all agents assigned to the Tech Support group
  4. an available agent will pick up the incoming call (if none of the agents are available, the call will be redirected to another ring group)

Rings groups significantly boost your call center’s productivity, performance and effectiveness. Enhance your customer support management and increase the number of handled calls quickly and easily.

Create ring groups based on your unique needs 

Create as many ring groups as you need with agents most equipped to meet your customers’ needs and expectations and solve their issues. This feature will make sure that each call rings to multiple competent agents at once. You can also assign as many ring groups as you wish to each individual agent.

Create your ring groups based on agent skills, for example:

  • Specialized trainings
  • Knowledge of products and services 
  • Language skills
  • IT skills
  • etc.

CloudTalk’s Ring Group feature helps you improve your customer support management, as you can easily create specific groups for each individual department – e.g. customer support unit, sales, marketing, invoicing and order management, etc. This means that callers are routed to the most appropriate teammates, for example on the basis of their IVR menu answers.

Ring groups increase the number of handled calls, thereby significantly helping to optimize your customer support management.

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