Smart dialer

CloudTalk's flagship feature Smart dialer automatically compiles a list of numbers and lets you automatically call through them with a single click.

If you're looking for ways of contacting your customers or prospects more effectively, Smart dialer might be just the feature for you. Smart dialer automatically scans the content of a specific website and looks for phone numbers which are automatically added to your calling queue with a single click.


Smart dialer doesn't stop with standard websites, it also works with your CRM, helpdesk or any content opened with your browser where phone numbers are present. 

Business benefits of Smart dialer

  • Add prospects into your queue automatically
  • Dial prospects with a single click
  • Save time and let CloudTalk handle repetitive tasks

Still adding prospects manually?

The only thing you need to start using Smart dialer is CloudTalk Click to call extension. Once the extension is active in your browser, it automatically scans for phone numbers on the content you browse and lets you add those in your prospecting queue.

After the contacts are added to the queue, you can reorganize it, setup calling intervals or callback rules or simply start calling right away.

Smart dialer advanced features

  • Phone number scanning
  • Automatic prospecting queue creation
  • Rearrangement of prospecting queue
  • Reschedule call - if a contact doesn't respond, phone call can be rescheduled automatically
  • Next call in - Smart dialer automatically dials a call according to the set time (in seconds)
  • Next call attempt - automatic dialing rescheduled calls according to the set time (in hours)


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