Integration with Zendesk Sell

Integrate Zendesk Sell with smart business phone system

The CloudTalk and Zendesk Sell integration helps your team make phone communication more effective and personalized. Save time with 2-way data synchronization and automatic call logging and handle calls directly from Zendesk Sell.

Quick integration overview:

  • Handle calls without ever leaving Zendesk Sell (call widget is embedded to your Zendesk Sell interface)
  • 2-way Real time synchronization (Calls, Notes, Contacts, Recordings, Tags)
  • Sync is done for both Deals, Tickets and Contacts
  • Click-to-Call your contacts from Zendesk Sell and easily initiate calls one by one or user Smart dialer to create a dial queue with one click
  • Access recordings directly in Zendesk Sell
  • See caller's Zendesk Sell details before picking up the call

CTI built for your favourite sales tool

Give your sales reps an opportunity to do their best. With CloudTalk CTI (built-in phone) directly in Zendesk Sell, they will have access to comprehensive data about your clients. 
Unlock the full potential of your sales team with advanced features like "Click to call" and "Smart dialer" and make instant calls - with only single click your sales reps can dial any phone number from your Zendesk Sell or from any website.

Receive calls with better insights

As soon as your CloudTalk Phone rings, a real-time CloudTalk card will pop up on your Zendesk Sell screen, displaying:

  • the caller’s name
  • contact details (phone number, email, address…)
  • history of interactions, including information on calls and recordings
  • the caller’s tickets and chats from Zendesk Sell
  • customer notes
  • any other customer activities in Zendesk Sell or CloudTalk

You can also easily access CloudTalk interface just by one click from CTI. CloudTalk offers you smart analytics features like call center statistics and real-time dashboard, where you can learn more about your team's performance.

Two-way synchronization

With real-time automated synchronization, you will find updated and complete client data in both systems. Statistics displayed in CloudTalk Dashboard can be opened in your Zendesk Sell tool as well, allowing you to have a complete overview of your calls.

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