14. September 2020 Blog

3 Best Talkdesk Alternatives To Consider

If you want to launch a new call center or you’ve been using Talkdesk to maintain one, you might be looking for some alternatives. With so many cloud-based phone systems available on the market, though, looking for the best alternative to Talkdesk might not be the easiest task. Here are the top Talkdesk alternatives to make this choice easier.

When it comes to cloud-based phone systems, various options might seem quite similar at first sight. Once you get into details, however, you can quickly spot a lot of differences. 

With so many solutions to choose from, doing your research and picking only one is a tough nut to crack. That’s why many call center business owners decide to cut to the chase and decide for a popular tool like Talkdesk they might have heard of before. There’s nothing wrong with that - but picking any solution without thorough research and comparison first might easily mean the lack of desired results in the long run.    

In such cases, call center business owners often have to look for alternatives to Talkdesk, sooner or later. If your situation sounds familiar, it’s time to take a closer look at the top Talkdesk alternatives to choose from. Let’s get started. 

Why look for Talkdesk alternatives? 

Given how many alternatives to Talkdesk exist out there, it’s natural to consider your options. If you notice at any point that Talkdesk doesn’t offer the features or level of customer support you expect, you might want to explore different alternatives to Talkdesk. 

Before we reveal the top Talkdesk alternatives, here’s what Talkdesk is all about:

The pricing is said to start at $55 per user per month, but you need to ask for a quote to get more detailed information
A wide variety of features available. Basically, Talkdesk lets you set up a robust contact center - with a knowledge base, workforce engagement, and enterprise collaboration, just to name a few. An interesting feature, in particular, is definitely AI-powered chat suggestions.
9 data centers worldwide, Infrastructure and Operations team to oversee the automated backup plan 24/7.
More than 20 different integrations available.
Mobile app:
Available on iPhone and Android.
A wide variety of features that makes it possible to leverage other communication channels and set up a comprehensive contact center (if you’re more interested in other channels apart from calls, that is).
The tool is pretty costly, and judging by the reviews - the mobile app leaves a lot to be desired.

talkdesk interface screenshot

The best Talkdesk alternatives to choose from (CloudTalk, Nextiva, Dialpad)

By now, you should have a good grasp of what Talkdesk has to offer. How does it stack up to the competition, then? Even though many Talkdesk alternatives will share the most common functions, some of them can definitely provide unique solutions for your call center business. Have a look at the following alternatives to Talkdesk to get to know your options.

4.6/5 on Capterra
4.4/5 on G2
4.8/5 on Capterra
4.3/5 on G2
4.4/5 on Capterra
4.6/5 on G2
4.3/5 on Capterra
4.2/5 on G2
Rumour says it that it starts from $55 per month, need to get a quote
Starting from $15 per month
From $19.95 monthly per user
Starting from $15 per month per user
Exemplary features
Power dialer, call recording, IVR
Call tagging, IVR, Call flow designer, power dialer, SMS, speech to text
Unlimited calling in North America, voicemail, advanced call routing & analytics
Multi-level Auto Attendant, call recording and custom routing
9 data centers worldwide
99.99%+ uptime, 9 data centers
8 data centers across the US
11 data centers
More than 20 integrations
Over 25 integrations available
Not a very impressive choice of integrations
A limited number of options
Mobile app
iOS & Android
iOS & Android
iOS & Android
iOS & Android
Wide variety of features enabling the use of other communication channels
Excellent price-quality ratio, skilled customer support agents, advanced features
Perfect for managing calls within US & Canada and creating a robust contact center
A wide set of features (beyond making calls)
Price, the quality of the mobile app
The mobile app could be improved
Limited choice of integrations & features outside of North America
The lack of integrations

1. Talkdesk alternative: CloudTalk

CloudTalk is a popular cloud-based phone system that’s definitely a powerful Talkdesk alternative. Have a closer look at what it has to offer:

Starts at $15 per month, which makes it less expensive compared to most of the other providers.
More than 60 advanced features available, including much-needed call tagging, Call flow designer, IVR, ACD, Power dialer, and Call recordings, SMS/Text Messages, international phone numbers from 140+ countries, just to name a few.
9 data centers worldwide.
More than 30+ different integrations available (Most popular ones: Pipedrive, Hubspot, Intercom, Salesforce, etc.)
Mobile app:
iOS & Android.
Excellent price-quality ratio, skilled customer support agents, advanced features like sentiment analytics and speech-to-text available upon request.
The mobile app could be improved.

CloudTalk interface screenshot

And that’s not everything. CloudTalk happens to be one of the leading VoIP providers for call centers that offer customer service and sales support. The variety of features and integrations paired with its low cost and pay-as-you-go model are what makes CloudTalk the best alternative to Talkdesk.

Here’s a more detailed comparison of CloudTalk vs Talkdesk  

2. Talkdesk alternative: Nextiva

Nextiva often finds its way to the top of various comparisons, and they are a few good reasons for that. Let’s see how it compares to Talkdesk and its other alternatives:

The essential pricing plan starts from $19.95 monthly per user.
More than 40 features available, including unlimited calling in North America, voicemail, advanced call routing & analytics. VoIP is only one of its capabilities, which can make a difference if you’re after a contact center.
It’s said to have 8 data centers, yet they are localized only in the US.
Integrations available:
Fewer integrations than other phone-system providers
Mobile app:
iOS and Android apps available.
Perfect for managing calls within US & Canada and creating a robust contact center.
Not as good of a choice if you operate outside of North America and want to leverage integrations with other business tools.

Nextiva interface screenshot

3. Talkdesk alternative: Dialpad

Dialpad is a cloud-based communications system designed with computers and mobile devices in mind, which makes it a good alternative to Talkdesk. Here’s how it compares to other tools:

Starting from $15 monthly per user (with unlimited calls in the US and Canada included).
More than 20 available, depending on the pricing plan. You can already find features like Multi-level Auto Attendant, call recording and custom routing in the standard one, though.
11 data centers in 6 continents.
Within the standard plan, you can only leverage Google Drive and Office 365 integrations. The choice of integrations with more expensive plans is also quite limited.
Mobile app:
Available for iOS & Android.
Affordable alternative to Talkdesk, a wide set of features (beyond making calls).
The variety of integrations (or lack thereof).

Dialpad interface screenshot

Ready to test out the best Talkdesk alternatives?

At this point, you might feel overwhelmed. There’s no need to worry! Spend some time looking at different Talkdesk alternatives and compare them against one another to make an informed choice in the end. Once you do so, you’re bound to find alternatives to Talkdesk with similar (or even better) ratings, features, and pricing plans.

To make the choice even more straightforward, simply give CloudTalk a try. Our team can help you migrate your Talskdesk data to help you make the switch.