cloudTALKS with David Guttmann

cloudTALKS with David: “Success starts with listening.”

cloudTALKS with David: “Success starts with listening.” Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with David Guttmann, a Senior Customer Success Manager at CloudTalk, to delve into the world of customer success management. David, with his unique journey and approach, offers valuable insights into the importance of building strong customer relationships, the role of […]

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95% Of Your Customer Interactions May Be AI-Powered By 2025. Here’s How to Make The Most of It

Currently, 83% of executives consider AI a strategic priority for their business. What’s more, 87% of global organizations believe that […]


The Hidden Cost of Non-Scalable Software: You May Lose Up To 28% of Your Revenue

A study conducted by McKinsey found that a lack of scalable software solutions could cost businesses anywhere between 8% and […]

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You May Never Hear From 42% of Your Customers Again Due to Poor Call Quality

It’s intriguing how many customers mark a bad customer service experience as the number one reason for their churn. At […]

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CloudTalk Welcomes Jean-Christophe Bourgade as Chief Revenue Officer 

[Bratislava, August 3rd 2023] – CloudTalk, the company behind the next-gen business calling software designed to make the lives of […]


12 Marketing Automation Tools in 2023 with Pricing 

Sometimes, the path of least resistance is the best one to take. Marketing is no different. Why spend countless hours […]


cloudTALKS with Juraj Holub: Mastering remote and hybrid meetings

cloudTALKS with Juraj Holub: Mastering remote and hybrid meetings Today’s cloudTALKS features Juraj Holub, co-founder of Remote People and former Chief Meeting Designer at Slido. Juraj has been a driving force in the world of remote work, helping grow the Slido team from 8 to over 260 people in 26 countries. Together with his partner […]


CloudTalk’s CEO: Your agents spend half of their time wrapping up calls. Our AI will change that.

While you are reading this article, there’s more than a 50% chance that your agents are writing call summaries or […]


AI for Sales: 8 Experts Strategies for Success

There’s only so much a human can do in a day, yet the expectations companies place on their employees seem […]


5 Ways to Take Full Advantage of AI’s Role in Customer Service

We’re in the midst of another technological revolution. ChatGPT’s public release in late 2022 has kicked off a wave of […]