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illustration call screening BB SHARE

Free Conference Calling – How to Set it Up in your Business

Conference calls were once reserved for large corporations that worked and had meetings overseas. They were also quite a luxury, […]

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illustration HubSpot how to turn customer service into your unique business advantage SHARE

How to Turn Customer Service into Your Unique Business Advantage

If you think having a fantastic product or service can take the place of excellent customer service, think again. About […]

Illustration call centre couching SHARE

What is Call Center Coaching? 10 tips for better results

A call center’s success largely depends on the ability and professionalism of its agents. Call center agents represent your company […]

Illustration auto dialer SHARE

Auto Dialer – Overview and Setup

If a hardworking call center agent manually dials phone numbers, he will be able to speak on average for no […]

illustration VoIP system for small businesses SHARE

How to Choose a VoIP Phone System for Small Business: Features to Look out For

By the end of 2025, the UK is to switch off all functionality for analog phone lines. While it means […]

illustration how to record phone call SHARE

How to Record a Phone Call on Any Device

The recording of phone calls is a popular practice, especially for businesses that offer call center services. Having calls recorded […]

illustration how to get a business phone number SHARE

How to Get a Business Phone Number? 5 Easy Ways

Whether you want to start a new business or expand your current one, you will most likely need a new […]

illustration How to get a business phone number SHARE

What is QoS in business telephony

What is the biggest worry for businesses that are considering starting to use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) instead of […]

Talk the Talk

Talk the Talk with Vantage Circle: There is no such thing as “negative feedback”

Peter Drucker once said: “The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said,” and we are […]

Lower call center bills share

How To Lower Your Phone Bill Today – Best Practices

Every company has mandatory expenses that simply can’t be skipped. These could include, for example, company insurance, employees’ wages, office […]