Sales Acceleration in SaaS: 20 Expert Recovery Tips for 2024

The SaaS industry has been hit hard by the recent market downturn. According to ChartMogul, its growth rate and revenue […]

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You Are Coaching Your Reps Wrong. These Unconventional Strategies Will Return $29 Per Each $1 Invested

Each year, US companies spend $20 billion on sales coaching. Scary number, right? On the other hand, every dollar invested […]


How To Save <20% Of Total Payroll Costs With Better Agent Coaching

Gallup found that burnout can cost the average company $20,000 for every $100,000 in employee salaries. But layoffs aren’t the […]

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“Sorry, we decided to go with someone else” – How a Single Call Can Save You a Lost Deal

“Sorry, we decided to go with someone else.” There isn’t a company in the world that likes to hear these […]

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3 Sales Mistakes Costing You 98% Of Your Leads & How To Fix Them

A recent FPS study found that companies, on average, spend between $150 and $500 per lead. Yet only 2% to […]

Peter Ďuriš, the co-founder of Kickresume

cloudTALKS with Peter Ďuriš: Writing resumes in the age of remote work

cloudTALKS with Peter Ďuriš: Writing resumes in the age of remote work Today, we sit down with Peter Ďuriš, the co-founder of Kickresume, a platform revolutionizing the way job seekers create and enhance their resumes. Peter takes us on a journey through Kickresume’s evolution, and he offers invaluable guidance on crafting impactful resumes, with a […]


AI in CX: Expert Insights on Avoiding Costly Mistakes | CloudTalk

AI isn’t just nice to have when it comes to enhancing customer experience in 2023. It’s a must. With the […]

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Keep Win Rates Above 35% With This Seldom-used Sales Strategy

With multi-channel sales strategies becoming more and more popular, one could easily believe that using the traditional telephone to close […]

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65% of Organizations Will Make Fully Data-driven Decisions By 2026. Here Are 3 Key Reasons to Join Them

Are you struggling to keep up with market trends? You are not alone. According to Gartner, only 29% of organizations […]


Best SaaS Tools to Double Your Organizational Efficiency

The rise of SaaS (Software as a Service) has significantly changed how businesses operate. By 2023, approximately 73% of all […]