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Polish out any inefficiencies in your call operations and ensure you never leave patients hanging (up). Leverage over 75 advanced automation features to deliver better patient experiences faster and boost satisfaction. 

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Ensure your patients always have a way of reaching you by incorporating advanced automation features into your answering system, like callback, voicemail, and more. That way, you’ll save your customers some pain and yourself the trouble of missed business.

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Save Money on Landlines & Expensive Calls 

Don’t waste your money on expensive hardware, landlines, or hours of coding. Set up your dental clinic call center system in moments and take full advantage of VoIP’s low call prices to reach more customers around the world for less. 


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How Other Businesses Use Call Center Systems for Dental Clinics

Schedule Appointments Faster

Let your receptionist or front desk staff easily manage your appointment calendar while you focus on what you do best – treating patients. A Call Center System for Dental Clinics makes it easy to check availability, schedule appointments, and update the patient automatically, all in one streamlined solution.

Deliver Better Customer Care

Access patient information instantly and create tailored experiences on the fly by integrating your VoIP system with your CRM. Use the Real-time Caller ID to gain insight into the client’s previous interactions before you even pick up the call.

Simplify Tool & Employee Onboarding

Unlike with traditional legacy solutions, you can roll out a Call Center System for Dental Clinics in minutes and start calling in seconds. Furthermore, you can add new features/integrations and scale your operations just as quickly – all in a user-friendly interface.

Get Inspired by the Success of Healthcare Provides

Helping the Government Respond to 500 Calls per Second During COVID-19 

When COVID-19 broke out in 2020, Slovakia’s public sector faced numerous challenges, including how to handle distributing general coronavirus information, tracking cases, scheduling vaccinations, and more. 

Despite Slovakia’s Ministry of Health’s Crisis Management Department having 150+ employees, they couldn’t keep up with the number of incoming calls, and the need for a specialized hotline quickly became evident. 

Naturally, CloudTalk jumped at the opportunity to help. In just a few days, we helped create an Emergency Call Center that could (and did) facilitate as many as 500 calls per second. During the outbreak’s height, the call center received up to 15,000 calls a day and provided callers with many advanced features. 

To learn more about how Slovakia’s public and private sectors joined forces to curb the spread of both infection and misinformation, read our case study here.


What do dentists call customers?

Dentists commonly refer to their customers as “patients,” as this term accurately reflects the relationship between the dentist and the person seeking dental care. Additionally, the term “patient” suggests an ongoing relationship as opposed to a one-time transaction.

How do you answer the phone in a dental practice?

When answering the phone in a dental practice, it’s important to be professional, friendly, and informative. Start by identifying the practicing your role, and ask how you can assist the caller. Use a warm tone and be attentive to the caller’s needs. For more tips on effective phone etiquette, read our article.

How do I talk to my dental patient?

Effective communication is key to building strong relationships with dental patients. Start by establishing rapport and actively listening to the patient’s concerns. Use clear and concise language, and avoid dental jargon that may confuse or intimidate the patient.

How can I improve my dental office customer service?

A dental office’s customer service can greatly impact patient satisfaction and loyalty. One way to improve customer service is by training staff to prioritize patient needs and preferences and to provide personalized care. Creating a comfortable and welcoming environment can help patients feel at ease and build trust in the practice.


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