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Are you hungry for more business? Don’t starve your customers of quality service – automate your orders, leverage powerful VoIP features, and deliver 5-star experiences on a silver platter. Soon, you’ll have more than your fill of extra sales. 

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Never Miss an Order Again 

Missing calls means missing out on revenue. Make sure you have the tools necessary to never miss an order again, boost customer satisfaction, and, most importantly, reinforce your bottom line. Route incoming calls to available staff and catch up on missed orders with call-back. 

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Deliver 5* Experiences for Customers & Staff Alike 

A high-quality restaurant phone system helps create excellent experiences on both sides of the call. Cut down on repetitive tasks with automation to save time for customers and staff alike and let them enjoy crystal-clear calls every time. 


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4.5/5 – 260 reviews

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How Other Businesses Use Restaurant Phone Systems

Expanding Operations

Give yourself room to grow and keep up with customer demand by onboarding new staff and phone numbers in seconds. VoIP phone systems allow you to scale your operations both locally and internationally by giving you access features that’ll help you automate operations, save time, and do more for less.

Combating Dine-n’-Dashers

Tired of taking orders customers never pick up? Combine your Phone System for Restaurants with a CRM integration to keep track of every caller’s phone number and have an easy way of reaching out to them.

Streamlining Deliveries

Restaurants require complex processes to run efficiently – both in and out of the kitchen. Ensure you always have a way through to your delivery drivers, servers, cooks, and other staff by equipping them with their own phone numbers, internal phone tags, and extensions.

Get Inspired by the Success of Glovo

Get Inspired by the Success of Glovo

How We Helped Glovo Make +200k Internation Calls in 3 Months 

As the fastest-growing delivery player in Europe, Western Asia, and Africa, Glovo is an ambitious app that gets users whatever they need at any time of day. With food at the core of its business, the Barcelona-based company has grown exponentially and now delivers over 100M+ orders annually, operating in 22 countries and 250+ cities.

With a team across various countries, Glovo needed user-friendly phone software that offers local phone numbers in every market it operates while covering all advanced calling features on which the business relies.

Glovo set out to find a solution that provides superior call quality, delivers a full package of advanced calling features, and acts as a one-stop-shop tool. That means allowing external agents to call couriers and giving those couriers access to all necessities (sending emails, SMS, etc.). Everything had to run smoothly and without the need for additional tools.

And that’s when the company founded CloudTalk. In just 3 months, the Glovo team has made 200,000+ inbound and outbound client calls using 30 international numbers, having spent 3,000+ minutes on inbound calls and 145,000+ minutes on outbound calls.

The team’s efficiency and costs have improved drastically, to the point that the onboarding of couriers is now practically automatic.


What are the benefits of using VoIP for restaurants?

VoIP technology provides several benefits to restaurants, such as flexibility, mobility, and cost savings. With VoIP, restaurant staff can easily communicate with each other and customers using their smartphones or computers, making it more convenient and efficient. Additionally, VoIP phone systems can also be integrated with other restaurant management tools to streamline operations and enhance customer experience.

How does VoIP improve communication in chain restaurants?

VoIP systems offer restaurants a centralized communication solution that can easily handle multiple locations. This makes it easier for employees to communicate and collaborate and manage orders, reservations, and deliveries across different locations.

Can VoIP help control and manage costs in restaurants?

VoIP can help restaurants control and manage costs by reducing the need for expensive traditional phone lines and equipment. They can make and receive calls over the Internet, significantly lowering their communication costs. VoIP can also help restaurants manage their staff more efficiently and avoid overstaffing.


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