Restaurant Phone System

Are you hungry for more business? Don’t starve your customers of quality service – automate your orders, leverage powerful VoIP features, and deliver 5-star experiences on a silver platter.

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Never Miss an Order Again 

Missing calls means missing out on revenue. Make sure you have the tools necessary to never miss an order again, boost customer satisfaction, and, most importantly, reinforce your bottom line. Route incoming calls to available staff and catch up on missed orders with call-back. 

CloudTalk offers every contact center feature that is necessary for our company to provide great customer service to our customers. We like visual IVR, easy-to-setup callback setup and various integration that enhance our workflows. And their support! I feel like this part of the SaaS business is underestimated very often and makes a huge difference, especially for us.

Matej K. CMO & Co-Founder @ StreamBee

Deliver 5* Experiences for Customers & Staff Alike 

A high-quality restaurant phone system helps create excellent experiences on both sides of the call. Cut down on repetitive tasks with automation to save time for customers and staff alike and let them enjoy crystal-clear calls every time. 

CloudTalk is really great. It doesn’t matter whether you need IVR, ACD, international numbers or ring groups – CloudTalk has it all. I also value perfect customer support which is not very common.

Peter R. Business development manager

How Other Businesses Use Restaurant Phone Systems

Expanding Operations

Scale operations and meet customer demand by onboarding staff and phone numbers quickly. VoIP systems let you grow locally and internationally, automating tasks, saving time, and increasing efficiency, helping you do more for less.

Combating Dine-n’-Dashers

Tired of taking orders customers never pick up? Combine your Phone System for Restaurants with a CRM integration to keep track of every caller’s phone number and have an easy way of reaching out to them.

Streamlining Deliveries

Restaurants need efficient processes in and out of the kitchen. Ensure smooth communication with delivery drivers, servers, cooks, and staff by providing them with their own phone numbers, internal tags, and extensions.


What are the benefits of using VoIP for restaurants?

VoIP technology provides several benefits to restaurants, such as flexibility, mobility, and cost savings. With VoIP, restaurant staff can easily communicate with each other and customers using their smartphones or computers, making it more convenient and efficient. Additionally, VoIP phone systems can also be integrated with other restaurant management tools to streamline operations and enhance customer experience.

How does VoIP improve communication in chain restaurants?

VoIP systems offer restaurants a centralized communication solution that can easily handle multiple locations. This makes it easier for employees to communicate and collaborate and manage orders, reservations, and deliveries across different locations.

Can VoIP help control and manage costs in restaurants?

VoIP can help restaurants control and manage costs by reducing the need for expensive traditional phone lines and equipment. They can make and receive calls over the Internet, significantly lowering their communication costs. VoIP can also help restaurants manage their staff more efficiently and avoid overstaffing.

CloudTalk is a data-driven solution for exceptional customer experience and intelligence is a key part of it.

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