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Which Type of Number Suits Your Business?

Local Number

A local number is a telephone number whose digit structure contains geographic information tying it to a particular city or region.

Available codes for Poland

22 (Warsaw), 12 (Krakow), 58 (Gdańsk), 71 (Wrocław), 32 (Katowice), and many more.

National Number

Unlike local phone numbers, national numbers are not tied to a particular city or region. Pricing for making phone calls from CloudTalk on a national number is the same as it is for our local numbers. Placing calls into a national CloudTalk phone number should incur the same charges as local numbers. However, each carrier around the world determines its own pricing policies.

Available codes for Poland


Mobile Number

The mobile numbers that CloudTalk offers are not linked to SIM cards and can be used in the same way as local numbers and national numbers.

Available codes for Poland


Toll-Free Number

CloudTalk can also provide toll-free numbers, which are unique in that they confer calling charges on the party receiving the call rather than the party placing it. A toll-free number is identified by the dialing prefix (e.g. 800, 0800, or 1-800).

Available codes for Poland


Look like a local from virtually
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Why CloudTalk?

With CloudTalk, you get far more than just a virtual number.

You’ll get the infrastructure and support system you need
to achieve your most ambitious global growth goals.

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Remote working and geographical flexibility

Having a virtual number allows you to provide customer care across time zones using any device with an internet connection. Route your incoming calls from designated regions or countries to another device or to the right agents. Set personalized greetings or business hours.

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Improved pick-up rates for outbound calls

Choosing a local virtual number allows you to provide your clients with services from familiar numbers. When a client sees a local caller ID instead of an unfamiliar foreign number, he or she is more likely to pick up the phone.

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Optimize your call center workflow with call statistics

Make better business decisions based on real data. With CloudTalk, you can easily filter call statistics by phone number. Use the data to make continuous improvements on the quality of your service and overall team productivity.

Integrate CloudTalk with tools
you love the most

Connect CloudTalk with powerful and easy one-click CRM and helpdesk integrations. Automatic 2-way synchronization makes that all your data are always up-to-date. 

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How can I set up a virtual phone number in Poland?

Once you’ve signed up for a CloudTalk account, you can request a virtual number for Poland via our Dashboard.
Just click on the “Numbers” tab, click “Buy a number” and our team will get you sorted with your new number in short order.

Note: Some countries have more stringent requirements than others. For a complete list of number acquisition requirements from the countries we offer, please refer to our dedicated help center article regarding this topic.

How much does a virtual phone number in Poland cost?

Pricing for local, national, mobile and toll-free numbers is variable and dependent upon the country for which you’re requesting a number. Prices start as low as $6 in most cases, but we recommend reaching out to a CloudTalk Numbers Allotment specialist for more specific pricing information about your target country.

How do you dial a Polish phone number?

To dial a Polish number, simply key in the +48 country code, followed by your regional prefix and the remainder of your number. 

How long does it take to get a Polish virtual phone number?

Our team is dedicated to getting you set up with your virtual number as soon as possible. Processing time is usually under 8 hours, but if your order requires proof of address or there are other local requirements it may take up to 48 hours to receive your number (for most countries and number types).

What is Number Portability?

International phone numbers can be ported to CloudTalk, i.e. geographic, national or mobile numbers. For more information about porting numbers to CloudTalk, please read this article.


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