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Aircall vs CloudTalk - Call center software
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CloudTalk vs. 8x8

Compare 8x8 with CloudTalk and see the advantages we offer

Price (per user/ per month)
$25 - $40
$25 - $175
Price (per 10 users/ per month)
$250 - $400
$250 - $1 750
Price (per 50 users/ per month)
$1 250 - $2 000
$1 250 - $8 750
9 globally distributed data centers
global data centers
High quality calls
Business hours
Call queues
Conference calling
Porting an existing number
Productivity features (call tagging, comments, after-call work etc.)
Call recording
only from $35 per user/month
Paid additionally, available from X6
Automated callback
Available from X6
Skill-based routing
Available from X6
Dialing featues
Preview, Progressive and Predictive only paid for X6 a X7, only X8 has it in a package with no additional fees
Smart queues
Call masking

Comparison data is based on an analysis from Q4, 2021.
Comparing CloudTalk Essential vs 8x8 X2 Edition plan paid monthly.

Main benefits

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Popular integrations

CloudTalk gives you an opportunity to integrate with the most popular and reliable e-commerce, help desk or CRM systems.

  • Pipedrive
  • Zendesk
  • Zendesk Sell
  • Zapier
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
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CloudTalk Analytics for Call center

Simple analytics

Track your performance directly in CloudTalk software. Follow complex statistics with a simple user interface. Gain straightforward information on your calls and agents. Use emotion analytics to easily track clients' mood.

Features for better calls

Our telephony tools will never betray you.
Here are some of the most powerful calling features CloudTalk has:

Benefit - Best customer support
Call Forwarding
CloudTalk allows you to automatically forward incoming calls to external mobile or landline numbers when you are unavailable.
Benefit - Transparent data
Call recording
CloudTalk automatically records all of your calls. You can listen to them directly from the browser. Anytime, anywhere.
Benefit - High Quality Calls
Skill-based routing
To always provide the right answer, automatically assign calls based on agents' skills required by the caller.

More benefits

Here are three additional reasons to consider CloudTalk.

Fast set-up


Setting up CloudTalk takes less than 5 minutes. Our system is transparent and intuitive. You can check everything on our website.

International phone numbers


Use CloudTalk’s international numbers feature. Gain your client's trust by acquiring local phone numbers from more than 140 countries. Offer services at standard rates or free of charge.

Reliable customer support


The personal approach sets us apart from competitors. Our team consists of dedicated onboarding and technical specialists, ready to help you with anything you need. In no time.

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