Close Up to 3x More Deals Faster

Boost your lead generation efforts with a suite of advanced automation features. Call up to 3X more potential clients per day than with legacy call center solutions, deliver an excellent customer experience, and close more deals while retaining your existing customers. 

4,000+ innovative companies run on CloudTalk call center software


Save Up to 3 Minutes on Every Call 

Unburden your outbound sales team from repetitive tasks and enable them to do their best work with advanced automation technologies, like CloudTalk’s Power Dialer, IVR, auto-attendants, and more. Save up to 3 minutes on every call and watch your efficiency sky-rocket. 

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Nurture Existing Customer Relationships

Retain your customer base and protect your bottom line by delivering the best customer service possible. VoIP features like VIP Queuesand Callback will help ensure your most valuable clients always have a way of reaching you, while our Real-Time Customer Card gives agents vital information from clients’ previous interactions to keep them happy. 


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4.5/5 – 260 reviews

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How Companies Use B2B Call Center Software:

Customer Support

When providing a service, having a top-of-the-line ticketing system is necessary. CloudTalk meets this need with its seamless integration of popular helpdesk and ticketing systems (HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.). Furthermore, the Real-Time Customer Card lets you access a caller’s all previous interactions and tickets without even picking up the phone.

Sales & Marketing

When revenue’s at stake, sometimes you need to go on the offensive. CloudTalk helps maximize your team’s efforts by letting them call leads with a click and contact 3x as many customers with our Dialers. Furthermore, Call Recording and Call Monitoring let you evaluate sales interactions and continually iterate to boost conversions even further.

Get Inspired by Frontcore’s succes story

Expanding FrontCore’s Global Operations to 35 New Markets 

FrontCore is a company providing state-of-the-art course and training management solutions to trainers across thousands of companies worldwide in the high-tech maritime, marine, and petroleum industries.

Doing so requires a high commitment to creating excellent experiences both within FrontCore’s solution and its customer service. Unfortunately, the company’s old B2B Call Center provider couldn’t deliver the tools needed to achieve that. And that’s when CloudTalk stepped in. 

FrontCore was able to implement our system in minutes. And after onboarding some of our most popular features like customizable call flows, call center statistics, and click-to-call, FrontCore’s team was making better, faster customer service calls, resulting in higher CSAT.

In only 3 months FrontCore’s team made 874 inbound and outbound client calls using 35 international numbers and spent 3,180 minutes on the phone. Learn how you can achieve similar great results in our FrontCore Customer Success Story here


What is a B2B Call Center?

B2B Call Center Software is a technology solution designed to manage the communication between a business and its customers. It helps your business to provide high-quality customer service and support, generate more leads, and improve overall customer experience.

How do I use call center data to improve outbound B2B calls?

Personalization: By analyzing customer data businesses can personalize their outbound calls to better match the customer’s needs which leads to engaging conversations that result in increased sales or lead generation.
Lead Scoring: Call center data (frequency, type of calls) can be used to create lead scoring models that help prioritize leads that are more likely to convert, thus maximizing sales and lead generation efforts.
Call Script Optimization: Call center data helps identify patterns in successful calls
Performance Management: Analyzing metrics such as call volume, conversion rates,
and customer satisfaction scores help in coaching agents and can improve the quality of outbound calls and increase overall performance.
Read more about outbound strategies.

Read more about outbound strategies.

What are the benefits of using B2B Call Center Software?

The benefits of using B2B Call Center Software include increased efficiency, improved customer experience, and better customer data management. The main benefits include:

-streamlining communication channels
-routing calls to the right agents
-providing personalized service to customers
-valuable analytics and insights
-better optimization of operations

Why is CloudTalk the best Grasshopper alternative?

CloudTalk offers you the best sound quality and effective management of your data and phone numbers with starting price of $25/month. Learn more here.

Can B2B Call Center Software integrate with other business systems?

Yes, CloudTalk offers your more than 35 integrations, and 13 CRM tools. Check it out here.


Connect Agents, Customers and Other Software, Together in the Cloud

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