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Offer rapid response for every emergency call 24/7, 365 days a year. Connect callers to correct crisis departments via IVR for free with toll-free numbers, ensure no call goes unanswered, and guarantee crystal-clear call quality to those who need it most.

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Let the Emergency Call Center Software support your daily operations while you focus on saving lives. Deliver exceptional uptime 24/7 by dividing incoming calls evenly across your agents and quickly locate callers when every second counts.

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Respond accurately to emergencies by letting callers define their situation via IVR and connecting them with the best agents for the job through skill-based routing. Assess performance during downtime with Analytics and optimize processes for the fastest call resolutions possible.


CloudTalk plays well with others

CloudTalk can be easily integrated into your existing CRM, e-commerce, or helpdesk tools, like Salesforce, Freshdesk, Help Scout, and more. Your agents will see all caller details in one place, so they can help the client more thoroughly and quickly.

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Get Inspired by the Success of Healthcare Provides

Aiding the Slovak Government’s COVID-19 Response

When COVID-19 broke out in 2020, Slovakia’s public sector faced numerous challenges, including how to handle distributing general coronavirus information, tracking cases, scheduling vaccinations, and more. 

Despite Slovakia’s Ministry of Health’s Crisis Management Department having 150+ employees, they couldn’t keep up with the number of incoming calls, and the need for a specialized hotline quickly became evident. 

Naturally, CloudTalk jumped at the opportunity to help. In just a few days, we helped create an Emergency Call Center that could (and did) facilitate as many as 500 calls per second. During the outbreak’s height, the call center received up to 15,000 calls a day and provided callers with many advanced features. 


What is an emergency call system?

An emergency call system is a service that allows callers to quickly connect with emergency responders in crisis situations. Typically operated by government agencies and emergency services providers, Emergency Call Center Software is designed to ensure that help arrives as quickly as possible when needed. 

Why is CloudTalk the best Cisco, CallFire, and Twilio alternative?

Its price-to-value ratio is the main reason for considering CloudTalk as the best alternative. Starting at $25 per user/month, billed annually, CloudTalk offers many advanced features, powerful integrations, and over 160 international numbers. 
To learn more, check out these comparisons:
●  CloudTalk as a Twilio alternative
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Does CloudTalk’s emergency call center software support location-based routing?

CloudTalk’s software can route emergency calls based on the caller’s location, ensuring that the nearest and most appropriate responders are dispatched quickly.

Can CloudTalk’s software record and store emergency calls for quality assurance purposes?

Yes, CloudTalk’s software includes call recording and storage capabilities, allowing you to review calls and ensure that your emergency call center provides the highest service level.


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