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Aircall vs CloudTalk - Call center software
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Here’s a little chart for you to compare CloudTalk and Grasshopper for yourself:

High quality calls
Call forwarding
Conference calling
Call queues
International numbers
Call recording
Internal calls
Click to call extension
Call tagging and call notes
Power dialer
Integrations (e.g. Pipedrive, Hubspot, Shopify)
Open API
Automated callback
Custom messages & greetings
Contact management
Business hours

Comparison data is based on an analysis from Q1, 2021.
Comparing CloudTalk Essential vs Grasshopper Partner plan.


Nowadays, every client expects that his problems will be solved very quickly. Integrate your phone system with your existing tools to make communication with your customer faster and more personalized. Grasshopper does not offer the possibility to integrate with the most popular CRM, Helpdesk or e-commerce systems.


Searching for a solution to improve the performance of your support or team? Choose the phone system with call recording, call tagging and call notes feature, which will help you identify your team's strengths and weaknesses. This feature is not offered by Grasshopper.


Make your call centre more efficient by answering a higher amount of calls with fewer resources. To achieve this goal, CloudTalk offers you smart routing, smart queueing and IVR features. Unfortunately, these advanced functions are not provided by Grasshopper.


Efficiency remains the key to business success. With the important feature of Click to Call and Power Dialer, CloudTalk dials phone numbers automatically so your team will be able to manage more outbound calls. This function helps your sales team focusing more on live communication with your clients.


Clients expect a quick answer from your customer support team. CloudTalk offer you feature to let your customers know when are your opening hours. Grasshopper does not provide this simple, but important feature.

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Integrate your phone system with your favourite platforms

Make your communication more personalized and faster. Integrate CloudTalk with your existing tools like Pipedrive, Hubspot, Help Scout or Shopify.

  • Improve your team performance by tracking the right metrics.
  • All the fresh and past customer information in one place.
  • When making an important decision, always rely on data.
Integrate your call center software with business tools

Even more benefits over Grasshopper

Here are three reasons to consider CloudTalk

Benefit - Smart productivity features
Smart productivity features
Reduce waiting time of your calls, get easy insights into your calls, call tagging, call notes and collaborate within your team.
Benefit - Scalability
Easy scalability and management
CloudTalk allows you to manage your call centre in real-time, add agents, numbers and set up everything you need at any given moment.
Benefit - High Quality Calls
High-quality calls
CloudTalk uses many carriers to dynamically find the best possible route for your calls across the globe.
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