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Searching for a smart phone solution that will boost the results of your sales and customer support team? CloudTalk offers 40+ advanced features and several powerful integrations to help you deliver an excellent customer experience.

Plans start at $20/month. No contracts. No minimum number of users.

Aircall vs CloudTalk - Call center software
2,500+ call centers and phone systems powered by CloudTalk and counting

CloudTalk vs Talkdesk. See why businesses made the switch.

Here’s a little chart for you to compare CloudTalk and Talkdesk for yourself:

Price (per user/ per month)
$20 - $40
from $55
Price (per 10 users/ per month)
$200 - $400
from $550
Price (per 50 users / per month)
$1 000 - $2 000
from $2 750
9 globally distributed data centers
9 global data centers
Price for Inbound calls
pay per min
Superior call quality
Call queues
Call center analytics
Call recording
Call disposition and notes
Business Hours
Click to call extension
Queue callback
Porting an existing number
Open API
Call masking
Dedicated account & onboarding manager
Access to API developer support
Sentiment analytics
on request
Speech to text
on request

Comparison data is based on an analysis from Q1, 2021.
Comparing CloudTalk Essential vs Talkdesk Professional plan.


Do not pay extra fee for the on-boarding process. Our success manager and IT support specialists are always ready to help you with the setup and onboarding. When you decide on Talkdesk, be ready to pay extra money for the solution setup.


Effective communication is the key to build and nurture any relationship. Powerful integration with the most popular CRM, e-commerce or helpdesk platforms as Pipedrive, Hubspot, Shopify or Help Scout will make conversation with your clients more efficient and faster.


To find the right phone software is not an easy task. Choose a provider, which gives you the opportunity to try the solution for FREE. CloudTalk offers you a free trial for 14 days. To be transparent, the pricing list is displayed on our website.


CloudTalk uses 9 globally distributed data centres to provide the 3 key elements of every good call centre - high-quality calls, speed and reliability.

#1 Rated call center software

Based on 400+ CloudTalk reviews on 6 independent software marketplaces & platforms

Integrate CloudTalk with popular business platforms

Make your life easier. Integrate CloudTalk with your existing online solutions such as Pipedrive, Hubspot, Shopify, Help Scout and make the most of it. With integrations you will get:

  • See all past customer activities events before picking up the call.
  • When making an important decision, always rely on data.
  • Have always up-to-date information across all your platforms.
  • Improve your team's performance and productivity with Click to Call.
Integrate your call center software with business tools

Even more benefits over Talkdesk

Here are three reasons to consider CloudTalk

Benefit - Best customer support
Passionate customer support
Customers values our proactive and personal support, which is many times considered as one of the most critical features.
Benefit - High Quality Calls
High-quality calls
CloudTalk uses many carriers to dynamicaly find the best possible route for your calls across the globe.
Benefit - Setup in 5 minutes
Easy set up in 5 minutes
Setting up your call center has never been easier. You can start in just few minutes. No need to invest in any phone hardware.
1000+ satisfied clients have benefitted from our call center software

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