Working remotely? Power your business with an enhanced Zoiper Alternative

Have you ever thought of all the benefits you can get from a tailor-made VoIP Softphone? Explore Cloudtalk, an intuitive cloud-based Zoiper alternative that helps you grow your business.

160 international numbers and budget-friendly calls

5 minutes setup and full onboarding support

Real-time analytics and rich reports for data-driven decisions

40+ features that support your work-life balance and solve your clients’ issues faster

2500+ call centers and phone systems powered by CloudTalk and counting

Feature-rich Zoiper Alternative for your virtual contact center

CloudTalk offers you the right tools to elevate your businesses. Scale your team, and explore
the easy-to-use app with rich reports, advanced quality management, and an intuitive interface.

CloudTalk vs. Zoiper

Pricing CloudTalk is subscription-based and offers 3 types of membership according to your needs. Plans start at $25 per user/ month. We offer tailor-made options. Billed annually. Desktop app is a one-time purchase for $49.99. The Android mobile app goes for $6.99, and the iOS app for $4.99.
The Onboarding When starting with CloudTalk, you have your own onboarding specialist to get you familiar with our system. We also offer a complete Onboarding portal, knowledge base, and video tutorials. Does not offer in-person training.
International calling CloudTalk covers 101 local numbers, 54 mobile numbers, 57 national, and 127 toll-free numbers. International calling is for budget-friendly prices. Available.
Security Your data and VoIP services are safe with us. All CloudTalk information is stored in modern safe data centers with 24/7 monitoring. Zoiper is an open-source solution. The risk of being hacked is high.
Reporting CloudTalk offers built-in analytics tools, so you can make data-driven decisions. For example, call monitoring, agent reporting, emotional analytics, and custom reporting with various filters. Analytics, reporting or real-time data are not available.
Business hours Define your business hours and decide when you are available for receiving calls. If a customer contacts you outside of these hours, the call can be routed to different agents and sent to voicemail with personalized greetings. Offers a Do-not-Disturb feature.
Caller ID The Outbound caller ID is automatically based on the call destination country. Therefore, your customers will see the local number, not the international one. Not available.
Notification When a call comes in, CloudTalk will automatically alert you with a notification, so you instantly know who is calling. You can adjust your notification settings according to your preferences. Not available.
Ring on speakers With a ″Ring on Speakers″ feature, you can route the calls to external speakers. It makes sure that you still hear all calls ringing even if you’re away from the computer without your headset on. Not available.
Automation features CloudTalk offers IVR, Skills-based routing, Call flow designer, AWC, Workflow automation, and several other features to improve your productivity. Not available.
Click to call
VIP Queues
Speech to text
Call tags and notes
Smart dialers

Comparison data is based on an analysis from Q2, 2022.

What does CloudTalk VoIP Softphone have to offer over Zoiper?

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4.5/5 – 225 reviews

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Budget-friendly solution for businesses of any size 

Looking for Zoiper Alternative that grows with your company? Once you decide for our VoIP Softphone, you get a life-long tool that easily scales with any business. CloudTalk plans are cost-efficient, flexible, and adaptable to the needs of start-ups as well as large corporations. How does 25$ per month sound now?

Reduced international call costs

By moving your call center to cloud-based software, you will no longer have to pay high prices for long-distance calls. All of them will become local, since they are made through the internet. With CloudTalk, the best Zoiper alternative, you get access to 140+ international numbers and features like Automated Outbound Caller ID to maintain a local presence.

Optimize working hours and give a maximum added value to your callers

Create an effective work schedule with CloudTalk’s Workforce Software. Customize your team’s working hours as you need and handle more calls.

Furthermore, use CloudTalk to re-route any calls coming to PBX outside of your business hours. For example, you may decide that calls will be redirected to another phone number, or that they will go straight into a voicemail. You can also add automated customized greetings.

Out-of-the-box integrations and intuitive API

Make your work more efficient with the tools you love. CloudTalk is an open-API system. It creates a wide scale of possibilities for one-way or two-way synchronization with many external systems. If you wish to work with Zapier, Zendesk, Hubspot, or Salesforce, we have you covered. 

With our open API feature, your employees can always access up-to-date information in all of your customer interaction systems. Choose the most intuitive Zoiper Alternative today.

Working with integrations

See what 40+ integrations have to offer

Have a question you need answered?

If you have any questions regarding CloudTalk Coverage or the phone numbers, please get in touch at

How does free trial work?

Simply send us your contact information and we will send you access to a free CloudTalk trial with no strings attached. You can immediately start making phone calls with CloudTalk.

What are your outbound call prices?

Each package includes one standard local or toll-free number for free. Prices of outbound calls vary, please contact us for more details.

Who is an user?

Users work for your company and communicate with your existing and potential clients. You can add or remove users in just a few clicks anytime you need. As a user you can imagine your agent, supervisor, analyst, administrator etc.

Can I change my subscription plan anytime?

Plans billed annually can only upgrade to a higher tier plan (e.g. From Essential to Expert). It’s not possible to downgrade on annual billing.

Can I use CloudTalk for more activities?

Definitely. CloudTalk can be used in many different ways, be it customer support, contact center, virtual phone system or active call center. Our solution is perfect for companies operating several e-commerce at the same time in need of separate customer support for each e-commerce.

What about data safety?

The safety of your data is our topmost priority. CloudTalk uses third-party data centers with industry-standard certifications (Tier III+ or IV, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS). All facilities include physical protection. Interface is accessed through an encrypted SSL connection. You can read more at our page dedicated to Security.

Do you provide discounts for new customers?

Yes, if you sign up for CloudTalk for 12 months in advance, you will get more than 30% discount on the price of your package.