Improve CX and boost call center performance with Amazon Connect alternative

Expand your business worldwide with Cloudtalk’s ready-to-use call center in the cloud. The setup only takes 5 minutes. 

Transparent tailor-made pricing without hidden fees

160 international numbers

Real-time overview of call center performance

70+ Features to help you deliver personalized CX

2500+ call centers and phone systems powered by CloudTalk and counting

Why do sales and support teams choose CloudTalk over Amazon Connect?

  1. Flexibility & Scalability: Manage your team online
  2. Country Coverage: 160 opportunities to expand internationally
  3. Real-time data: Monitor your call center performance live

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Amazon Connect
Pricing Starts at $25 per user/month, all features available.  Pay as you go. Call rates differ based on country.
Free trial
Mobile app
International numbers 160 countries 20 countries
Open API
Real-time analytics
Call transferring 
Personalized greetings
Contact history

Comparison data is based on an analysis from Q3, 2022.

Improve your customer service with CloudTalk.
Here is how:

Integrate CloudTalk with tools
you love the most

Connect CloudTalk with powerful and easy one-click CRM and helpdesk integrations. Automatic 2-way synchronization makes that all your data are always up-to-date. 

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Deliver exceptional customer experience with Caller ID

Personalize the caller’s experience from the very beginning. With our Caller ID feature, you can see the caller’s name, phone number, and all previous interactions even before the call is picked up.

To boost your outbound activities, CloudTalk also offers Automated Outbound Caller ID. This feature ensures that your agents call your foreign-based clients from a local phone number. 

Create automated workflows 

Workflow automation is particularly useful when you want to automate repetitive tasks within CloudTalk or between CloudTalk and other platforms. This feature can help you eliminate agents’ time spent on unnecessary and repetitive duties and create customer-specific business process flows even when using several different platforms: 

Automatic follow-ups via SMS after inbound/outbound calls

Ticket created in the helpdesk system when the customer is not reached by an agent

Slack message notification after receiving SMS;

Speech-to-text transcription is logged into your CRM system after an agent finishes an inbound/outbound call with a customer or prospect;

CloudTalk user management

Scale your team according to current needs

Having a flexible and user-friendly tool is the key to continuous growth. CloudTalk supports your business decisions along the way and allows you to manage agents online when the circumstances call for it. You can add new agents to your call center, modify their details and remove agents who no longer work with you. There’s no need to contact us, you can do everything related to an agent management yourself, with no hassle.


Watch how CloudTalk works

we will show you how to use the Cloudtalk desktop app, click to call feature and the smart dialer. We will also demonstrate CloudTalk’s dashboard features.