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Looking for a budget-friendly but smart choice?
CloudTalk vs. Genesys Cloud CX

The basic plan starts at $20 per user/per month.
Genesys Cloud CX1 starts at $75 per user/month.
Real time updates
The real-time dashboard shows key metrics like call queue statistics, average wait time, active calls, and agent status.
Pre-defined templates for reports. Performance dashboards and historical reporting are available.
Real time customer card
Know who you are talking to before picking up the phone. CloudTalk gathers all customer information like history of interaction or notes and lets you deliver a more personalized customer experience.
Shows your current performance dashboard with overall information about all call center activities. No customer real-time card is available.
Number porting Use your existing phone numbers by porting them to CloudTalk. Import geographic (local), national or mobile numbers with help from our Support team. The process for porting DID phone numbers into PureCloud Voice is a manual procedure that our support technicians perform for you.
Local caller ID
The automatic outbound caller ID feature ensures that your agents call your foreign-based clients from a local phone number.
Allows you to reach customers via their predefined channels, and implement automation features. Do not offer local caller ID.
Workflow designer Create customer-specific business process flows even when using several different platforms. Customize your own workflow using our IVR, skill-based routing, or other features according to your needs. Lets you optimize call center workflow with integrated agent and workflow capabilities to deliver an omnichannel customer journey.
Call tagging Label each call with a self-made tag. This allows you to sort calls into categories and quickly identify what type of call it is. Genesys Cloud CX is built on AI which does not allow agents to sort their tickets according to custom tags.
Call Notes Make your work more efficient with custom notes to every call. Get a fast and detailed overview of interactions and sync it with a CRM or help desk tool of your choice. Allows to view users, except for Status Notes like the specific status of forward, out of the office, or away.
User management
Manage your agents online. Assign them to a specific call queue, and modify their details with one click.
Genesys Cloud CX lets you manage the dialer, workforce, or phone but does not allow you to manage the user on your own.
Integrations Make your work more productive with Cloudtalk's 40+ integrations. Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Shopify, and many more. Offers you several CRM and third-party integrations. Most of them for an additional cost.
Virtual call center Create your virtual call center within 5 minutes. No need to invest in phone hardware or work with IT experts. All you need is your internet browser and a headset Genesys Cloud CX does not allow you to create several profiles (virtual agents)

Comparison data is based on an analysis from Q4, 2021.

Data-driven decisions boost business performance

We believe in human touch and real-time data.

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Custom reporting
according to your needs

Want more than our standard statistics? We have got you covered. Use different filters, e.g. by agent, phone number, or timeframe, to view data that really matters to you. Custom filters will generate reports relevant to your business goal, and track important KPIs.

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Emotional analytics
help you to keep a human face

Keep up with the current trends. Emotion analytics allows your agents to rate their conversation or customer’s mood after every call with a single click. Team leaders can get relevant feedback, which helps them in terms of one-on-one meetings with agents. This data-driven feedback improves your overall customer experience.

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The real-time dashboard
keeps you up-to-date

Provide more effective customer support with key metrics displayed by individual call queues and agents. In a user-friendly and intuitive CloudTalk interface, all available metrics are displayed in a separate Real-time Dashboard tab. This helps you to make smarter decisions immediately and increase customer satisfaction.

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Call center software you can rely on

CloudTalk was made to serve your business needs. We built a strong server infrastructure, so your call can be as smooth as possible, without any interruption or unexpected drops. Besides that, you can:

  • Our callback feature to redial unanswered calls,
  • count on smart detection of resolved missed calls to keep an eye on low missed calls rate,
  • set up business hours to let your customers know when you’re available
  • pick amounts of time when agents are not available to finish all after call work
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Call center software

Smooth after call evaluation with no time pressure

Staying organized might be hard if you have a small team and a lot going on at your call center. Give your agents a little more time to process and evaluate the call when it ends. The after-work feature allows you to pick several predefined amounts of time within which the agent won’t be available to accept the next call.

Be amazed by what you can do with over 40+ integration

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Essential membership makes day-to-day tasks more effective

Boost your productivity while paying less. Essential membership lets you explore all voice features and intelligent call routing features, including real-time customer cards. Dig deeper with advanced analytics features with unlimited history. For $25 per user/per month.

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Expert membership for full-powered customer support

Go beyond what you have expected. Expert membership offers you each of our top features. Advanced analytics with custom reporting and agent reporting, Salesforce, and other 40+ integrations. Enjoy smooth onboarding, single sign-on, and customizable IVR /call flow. This is all we offer for $50 per user/per month.

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The tailor-made choice for those who know just what they want

The tailor-made choice for those who know what they want. Whether you require a fully automated call center, or steady features to provide an excellent human-powered customer experience, we’ve got your back. Let’s have a chat about your specific wishes. The price will be set based on your requests.

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