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Integrate your call center software with
Google Contacts

cloudtalk integration for google contacts

Use a single contact database. By linking CloudTalk with Google Contacts, all Google contacts are automatically imported and synced with CloudTalk.

Access up-to-date customer data in one place and improve your customer experience. When you integrate your Google account with CloudTalk, all Google Contacts are automatically populated into your CloudTalk contact list. Don’t waste time by using two separate contact databases for your customer interactions.

Downloaded contacts contain important data information, which can be added in Google Contacts:

  • Name and surname
  • Company
  • Position
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Website
  • Notes

Your agents see all this information instantly even before the call is put through. This means they can personalize each interaction and deliver exceptional customer service.

A single contact database makes your agents more productive

Call your Google Contacts with a single click from CloudTalk. Agents do not have to input contact details manually in two databases, which saves their time.

With each synchronization, CloudTalk automatically places a Google Contacts tag on each imported contact or any contacts of your choice. So you can always identify which callers are from Google Contacts. Tags will also help you filter contacts, for example, you can filter the list of all your Google Contacts.

Integration is easy and quick

  • CloudTalk & Google Contacts integration is easy and does not require any programming
  • All you need is information about the Google account which you want to link to CloudTalk. In a few minutes, your contacts are synced and you can start improving your customer communication.

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