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Make Noiseless Calls with Krisp Integration

As in any relationship, effective communication is key when it comes to team and customer interactions. Ensure your conversations go smoothly and your talking points land with the Krisp integration for CloudTalk.

Real-time synchronization of contacts and activities across both platforms

Initiate calls directly from HubSpot via CloudTalk’s click-to-call feature

Access important client information, including past call recordings – anytime

Track and evaluate performance with CloudTalk’s smart and customizable analytics


Call Quality

Installing the Krisp CloudTalk integration is a breeze. All it takes is a single click, and you can start talking to your customers or teammates clearly.

Active 2-way Noise Cancelling

Krisp’s noise canceling works both ways, so you don’t have to worry about distractions coming from your or your customer’s side.

Guaranteed Privacy

Since Krisp filters your audio feed directly on your device, there’s no risk of your conversations being uploaded online or leaked in any way.

CloudTalk + Krisp = Success

CloudTalk’s primary focus is to help your agents provide the best customer service without any lag, jitter, or echoes. However, external distractions on the callers’ sides can sometimes get in the way of this. Krisp solves these issues by eliminating any external elements that may get in the way of you helping your customers.

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“What I like most about CloudTalk is the quality of sound and the ability to have a number I can give to be called back on.”

Hana E.,


What is the Krisp + CloudTalk integration?

Krisp is the first ever innovative noise cancellation software that blocks out annoying and distracting background noise from your calls, recordings, live streams, and more with the press of a button. Setting up the Krisp + CloudTalk integration takes less than 2 minutes and zero skills. All you need to do is download and install Krisp and select Krisp as Microphone and Speaker for calling.

How does the Krisp + CloudTalk integration work?

After downloading and installing the Krisp software, open the settings in your CloudTalk Phone and select Krisp Speaker as the speaker and Krisp Microphone as the microphone for calling. Then, set up the Krisp widget and repeat the process with the microphone and speaker settings in the menu. Finally, don’t forget to turn on your “Remove Noise” toggles!

Why should you use Krisp + CloudTalk?

There are 7 key benefits to using the Krisp + CloudTalk integration.

They include:

– Bi-Directional Noise Cancellation
– HD Voice
– Echo Removal
– Voice Cancellation
– Seamless Integration
– Conversational Insights

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