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Make noiseless calls using Krisp

Deliver HD Voice quality by removing all unwanted noise from your calls. Prevent noisy distractions on team calls, boosting productivity and professionalism.

Krisp provides two-way noise cancellation. Krisp Speaker mutes the inbound noise coming from customers and Krisp Microphone mutes the outbound noise coming from agents. 

Eliminate background noise 

Krisp + Cloudtalk integration is fast and easy, allowing your customers and agents to experience noise-free calls immediately.

Simple setup process 

It takes less than 2 minutes and zero skills to set up the Krisp + CloudTalk integration.

  • Download and install Krisp
  • Select Krisp as Microphone and Speaker for calling

Open settings in your Cloudtalk Phone and select Krisp Speaker for speaker for calling and Krisp Microphone for microphone for calling.

cloudtalk integration for krisp snap settings
  • Set up the Krisp widget

Choose the correct microphone and speakers in the Krisp menu. Don’t forget to turn on your Remove Noise toggles!

cloudtalk integration for krisp app detial
  • Start a call and enjoy a conversation free of background noise

Ready to install CloudTalk + Krisp integration?