Free your calls of crackle and pop.

Krisp removes background voices and noises in calls, elevating customer and agent experience with AI.

CloudTalk’s integration with Krisp lets you…


Ensure your agents are always clearly understood by removing distracting noises and voices with AI.

Automated Transcriptions

Save time listening back to conversations by automatically transcribing each call for future use.


Capture insights, schedule follow-ups, and streamline organizational efficiency with in-call meeting notes.

Integrate Krisp with ease

Call with a click

Leverage CloudTalk’s Click-to-Call capability to save time dialing and allowing agents to initiate calls immediately directly from any tool web page.

Crystal-clear calls in every country

Corner the market in every corner of the world with CloudTalk’s crystal-clear call quality in 160+ countries with local, toll-free, mobile, and international numbers.

Drive employee efficiency

Get real-time insights into agent performance via CloudTalk’s Dashboard, direct initiatives such as lowering wait times, and drive competition between employees.


What is Krisp for?

Krisp is a user-friendly AI noise-canceling app that works on its own to remove background noise and improve call quality. It’s great for video calls and call centers, helping users reduce unwanted sounds during calls. Krisp is especially helpful for remote work, tackling the issue of unpredictable noise in call centers that have shifted to remote setups.

Is it safe to use Krisp?

Your information is kept secure through encryption and is only accessible to authorized Krisp personnel. When using Krisp, certain data, including your email address, call insights metadata, analytics data, transcripts, meeting recordings, etc., may be stored on our cloud to deliver our services to you.

What’s the difference between the Free and Pro plans?

Krisp offers both Free and Pro plans for individuals. The Free plan is entirely free, providing users with 60 minutes of noise-free audio streams daily.

CloudTalk is a data-driven solution for exceptional customer experience and intelligence is a key part of it.

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