Explore great bargains and call internationally with Planet Numbers Alternative

Looking for a reliable VoIP provider with a variety of geographical and non-geographical international numbers? Meet CloudTalk – the right fit for your business. 

Expand globally with 160 local and toll-free numbers

Take advantage of automated inbound call handling 

Transparent pricing according to your needs

Explore the freedom of cloud-based solution

Call flow designer with 50+ intelligent features

4,000+ call centers and phone systems powered by CloudTalk and counting

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Make smart decisions that suit your business.

Take a look at what CloudTalk has to offer.

CloudTalk vs. Planet Numbers

Planet Numbers
Pricing Multiple membership options, starting at $25 per user/month with a number of advanced features. Prices depend mostly on the number of seats you request. The tailor-made option is available. Billed annually. Prices vary based on the type of numbers you get, how many minutes you use and which additional features you need.
Call routing CloudTalk provides built-in intelligent call routing features - IVR, skills-based routing, Automated Call Distribution, and Call flow designer. Offers Call routing plans for additional costs.
Integrations Make your conversations more productive with our CRM integrations. Such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, Pipedrive, or 40+ others. Does not offer any integrations.
Analytics and reporting Call monitoring, real-time dashboard, agent reporting, emotional analytics, and custom reporting features can be exported with a snap of your fingers. Not available.
Caller ID Personalize your communication with clients from the very beginning. We will show you the name of the caller, their phone number, and much more. Even before the call connects. Not available.
Transfers With a warm Transfer, you can easily transfer callers over to another agent, while having the possibility to speak with them first. The feature also lets you transfer the callback back and forth if needed. Allows transferring calls to another landline or phone.
Geographical and Non-geographical numbers
Call tracking
Fax to email
Online user management
Call recording
SMS/text messaging
Automatic Callback
Desktop notification

Comparison data is based on an analysis from Q2, 2022.

Smoother international calling.
We offer simple,  high-quality, and worldwide service. 

Don’t let the financial aspects limit your growth. With CloudTalk, you can make calls from the UK to the USA, Australia, Pakistan, and other 155 countries for local rates. 

Calling or texting outside the UK? 

No problem. Spread your brand voice globally with local or toll-free phone numbers from 160 countries or port your existing numbers. All CloudTalk’s plans include international numbers without additional fees. Just pick one and get ready to excel on a global level. 

Reduced international calling costs with SIP trunking

By moving your call center into cloud-based software, you will no longer have to pay high prices for long-distance calls. With SIP trunking, they all become local because they travel through the internet. 

With CloudTalk, you get access to 160 countries and features like an Automated Outbound Caller ID to maintain a local presence.

workflow automation 2

Create your virtual call center in under 5 minutes

Setting up your virtual call center has never been easier. CloudTalk replaces your outdated business phone system and lets you scale with ease. No need to buy phone hardware or work with IT experts. All you need is an internet browser, and a headset and you’re ready to make your first call.

See behind walls. This is the CloudTalk interface

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How do free trials work?

Simply send us your contact information and we’ll get you set up with a free, no-strings-attached CloudTalk trial. You can start dialing immediately and enjoy our full range of features and integrations for two fun-filled weeks.

What are your outbound call prices?

Each package includes one standard local or toll-free number for free. Prices of outbound calls vary. Please contact us for more details.

Who is a user?

Users work for your company and communicate with your existing and potential customers. You can add or remove users at any time and in just a few clicks. Users are agents, supervisors, analysts, administrators, etc.

How often can I change my billing plan?

Plans billed annually can only upgrade to a higher tier plan (e.g. From Essential to Expert). It’s not possible to downgrade on annual billing.

How else can I use CloudTalk?

CloudTalk can be used in many different ways: for customer support, as a contact center, or simply as an all-in-one virtual phone system. Our solution is also perfect for companies operating different e-commerce platforms at the same time, as the ability to set up separate customer support channels can make all the difference.

What about data safety?

The safety of your data is our topmost priority. CloudTalk is ISO 27001:2013 and PCI-DSS certified. CloudTalk uses third-party data centers with industry-standard certifications (Tier III+ or IV, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS). All facilities include physical protection. Interface is accessed through an encrypted SSL connection. You can read more on our dedicated security page.