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CloudTalk vs. Avaya OneCloud

Free trial
Test CloudTalk's user-friendly interface during a 14-day FREE trial
Avaya OneCloud does not offer a free trial or free version
CloudTalk starts at 20$ per user/per month with numerous features to support the overall customer experience.
Upon request. Based on the type of experience you want to deliver (digital, or voice).
Dialing feature
CloudTalk offers several smart features like predictive dialer, power dialer, or smart dialer. Take a closer look and choose the right one.
Avaya OneCloud offers some AI features and intelligent routing. But the call queue or any type of dialer tools are missing.
Call forwarding / warm transfer
Automatically forwards calls to external phone numbers when your agents are busy. The warm transfer also allows you to redirect a call to another agent. With the opportunity to speak with the customer first.
When receiving a call, Avaya forwards it to a physical phone, VoIP, cell phone, or voicemail.
Call distribution
The ACD (automatic call distribution) feature makes sure that all inbound calls are directed to the most qualified agent, based on available data. It works best with IVR, calls queuing, and business hours.
Offers you the call flow configuration, which allows setting a specific route for incoming inbound calls.
Call recording
Once the call ends, an audio recording is automatically saved in the client’s contact details, call history, and statistics. You can listen to any call directly from your internet browser anywhere, and on any device.
Call recording feature available in Voicemail Pro. It allows the automatic/manual recording of calls for a variety of applications.
Conference calls
Invite your colleagues or external number users to a conference call. CloudTalk allows you to make not not only audio but also video conference calls.
Integrates with several integrations which support conference calling.
Voicemail drops Record and save your own voicemail messages. This pre-recorded message will then automatically play, allowing the agent to move on to the next call. You can only divide calls into several groups by your needs.
Internal calls
Each user, agent, caller queue or department has their own personalized number or extension. This will allow you to reach anyone in your company or seamlessly route a call to a different agent.
Internal communication is managed with converged communications that eliminate front- and back-office silos.

Comparison data is based on an analysis from Q4, 2021.

capterra review Bela B.

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Call quality guaranteed by global server infrastructure

Say goodbye to disrupted audio, and dropped calls. At CloudTak, high call quality is essential for us. Therefore we are securing your calls with a globally distributed server with strong connections. No need to worry about interrupted or dropped calls. Live call quality monitoring changes the call route in real-time when there is a risk of deterioration.


User-friendly dashboard with real-time data

Key decisions are made with a clear head and based on data. Enjoy a smooth and straightforward dashboard, containing everything that is going on in your cloud call center. Turn on desktop notification to immediately know who is calling.

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Agile call routing to improve agent’s efficiency

Design your own call flow with CloudTalk. Use a warm transfer feature and hand calls over to other agents. Invite a third person to join a call with a 3-way calling feature. Need more? Automatic call distribution takes care of all the inbound calls and routes your customers to the most suitable agent.  

Integrations enhance productivity and efficiency. We offer 40+ of them

Smooth set up with a snap of your fingers

Sometimes there is no time to waste. Especially when it comes to business. Setting up CloudTalk is easy and can be done within 5 minutes. Guaranteed. Do it yourself with our step-by-step Onboarding portal, or use help from our dedicated onboarding support manager.

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Improve call routing by optimizing business rules

With your IVR and call routing system in place, you can begin setting up a call routing strategy to meet specific business purposes. Treat the high-value customers with special care. Set them to VIP status. This ensures that they have priority to skip the queue.

Tip: Improve satisfaction ratings by routing the caller to agent clients already know.

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