Contact Tags

Apply customized tags to your contacts to help you search and sort contacts into categories and quickly identify each contact by their tag.

CloudTalk’s Contact Tags feature allows you to add important information to contact details. Assign tags to quickly identify the caller or to filter and search in your contact database.  

Contact tags are an easy tool to increase team efficiency and performance.

Automatic tag creation with integrations

Is your CloudTalk account integrated with your favorite business tools? When synchronizing contacts, CloudTalk automatically applies a tag to each contact with the name of the integrated business tool from where it has been retrieved.

For example, if you use LiveAgent helpdesk tool and Shopify e-commerce solution and you integrate them with CloudTalk, each time you create a new contact in these systems, the contact will be automatically imported to CloudTalk and labeled with a relevant tag (LiveAgent or Shoptet) depending on the source of import.

This is an easy way how to keep track of the source of your contacts.

Identify contacts easily by tags

By labeling contacts with tags, your agents can easily identify callers. Create as many tags as you wish based on your unique business needs. For example, you can use the following tags to distinguish between clients:

  • VIP clients
  • Clients with IT skills
  • Regular shoppers
  • Prospects
  • Business owners
  • or use their position, company name, etc.

Contact tags help to expand agent knowledge and optimize the experience both for the customer and the agent.

Sort contacts by tags

In CloudTalk, you can filter all of your contacts by tags.

For example: you may label your VIP clients with a VIP tag. When you would like to see a full list of VIP clients, select the tag from the Select Tag menu and the list will be automatically compiled.

This feature enables you to quickly find the right contacts. CloudTalk interface also helps you search through contacts by tags in your contact list. Filtering by tags enables you to stay organized, so you can call only a selected group of clients if you wish.

CloudTalk’s Contact Tags feature is an excellent tool to identify your callers instantly, with key information placed in tags.

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