Maximize your cloud call center investment with OpenPhone Alternative

Looking for a second phone? Consider more advanced budget-friendly options, such as CloudTalk. The best OpenPhone alternative.

High-quality calls with guaranteed latency and minimal jitter

Blacklist feature to make sure that no unsolicited calls slip through 

Caller ID tool to deliver the best experience possible 

VIP queue gives the priority to the most important customers

Over 100 advanced features to choose from 

2500+ call centers and phone systems powered by CloudTalk and counting

Wondering how smooth calling sounds like?

CloudTalk vs. OpenPhone

Cloudtalk eases your work. Over 100 built-in advanced features for the most cost-effective price.

Pricing CloudTalk starts at $25 per user/month. Starts at $10 per user/month, with a limited number of features.
The number of users Unlimited in each membership Unlimited number of users available only from Premium membership for $25 per user/month.
Notification Over 40 integrations available, including Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Zendesk, Zendesk Sell, Shopify, and others. 4 integrations available (including Hubspot, Slack, Zapier). Missing the Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zendesk, and other key integrations.
Click to Call The Click to Call feature allows you to dial any number on the web with just one click. Does not offer this feature.
Personal number protection With the call masking feature, CloudTalk protects your private number until you decide to share it with a specific customer. Creates a second number to protect the personal one from spam callers.
Unsolicited calls Protect your agent against unwanted calls with the Blacklist feature. Add the numbers of annoying vendors, telemarketers, bots, or spam callers to your Blacklist, and be sure you won't be disturbed. Allows blocking a specific number.
Routing Choose from several routing options such as Caller-based, Skills-based routing, ACD, IVR, Preferred agent routing, VIP queues, and more. Offers the IVR option, call transfers, and call forwarding.
VIP Queuing With the VIP queuing feature you can easily set up a specific phone numbers only for VIP clients, or add custom tags to any number. Once these numbers are reached, they are automatically moved to the front of the queue. OpenPhone does not offer any feature that helps you prioritize the caller based on the number.
Notification Improve the on-hold experience with advanced call queuing strategies, personal greetings, or custom music. Sort incoming calls. Need to give OpenPhone a permission to send you push notifications, otherwise you can miss an important call.

Comparison data is based on an analysis from Q4, 2021.

3 highlights that will change your
business phone expectation

Choose a call software you can rely on.

global call center connections

Globally distributed server infrastructure 

Forget dropped calls or interruptions. All call quality is monitored live, so we are able to offer a strong connection and immediately transfer your call to the best possible calling route. CloudTalk is also a registered provider in multiple countries. That helps us take control over multiple aspects of phone call quality.


Advanced productivity features

Learn to use the power of automation to your benefit. CloudTalk offers several ways to skip unnecessary and repetitive tasks so your agents can focus on what matters – customers. Implement IVR, workflow automation, ACW feature, personalized greetings, and other features into your day-to-day work and see what you can achieve.

Working with integrations

40+ one-click integrations

To deliver the best service, you need the best tools. When using CloudTalk, you have everything you desire right at your fingertip. Including the most-used integrations such as SalesForce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, and other CRM and helpdesk platforms. Aiming for more? We have an open API feature ready for you.

capterra review Bela B.

Looking for a reliable customer service partner?
Check out additional features CloudTalk offers

We work hard so you don’t have to. Take a look at our features. They are here to simplify work and deliver the best experience.

Integrations enhance productivity. We offer 40+ of them. 

vip queues

Show your clients that you care with VIP queue feature

Obviously, taking excellent care of all customers is very important for your business. However, there are those who definitely require top-class care – VIP clients. CloudTalk provides you with an option to create the priority list of customers that are the most important for your business. 

How does the VIP queue feature work? 

Have special numbers only for VIP clients connected to a specific call group. This way, calls to a certain group through a VIP number will be pushed on top of the queue and will be resolved sooner than calls in the same queue from standard numbers.

Tag your VIP contact with custom tags such as “priority” or “VIP”. Once the customer with this tag reaches you out, he/she will automatically skip the queue and be moved to the front.

A pinch of relevant personalization with the Caller ID feature 

“Hi Michael, how can I help you today?” sounds much better than “You have reached the support department, what is your issue?”  Personalize the customer experience by delivering something extra from the very first contact. CloudTalk will show you the name of the caller, their phone number, and much more. Even before the call connects.

In app dialer

Never miss a call with the Desktop notification and the Callback feature

Being there for your clients creates a great customer experience. Turn on our Desktop notifications feature and when a call comes in, CloudTalk will automatically alert you.

We got your back also during peak hours. If there are any unanswered phone calls, CloudTalk can automatically call your customers back. Our system will later dial the customer’s number until the agent and the customer are successfully connected.

Have a question you need answered?

If you have any questions regarding CloudTalk Coverage or the phone numbers, please get in touch at

How does free trial work?

Simply send us your contact information and we will send you access to a free CloudTalk trial with no strings attached. You can immediately start making phone calls with CloudTalk.

What are your outbound call prices?

Each package includes one standard local or toll-free number for free. Prices of outbound calls vary, please contact us for more details.

Who is an user?

Users work for your company and communicate with your existing and potential clients. You can add or remove users in just a few clicks anytime you need. As a user you can imagine your agent, supervisor, analyst, administrator etc.

Can I change my subscription plan anytime?

Yes. With CloudTalk, there are no strings attached. Your plan can be upgraded or downgraded anytime you need.

Can I use CloudTalk for more activities?

Definitely. CloudTalk can be used in many different ways, be it customer support, contact center, virtual phone system or active call center. Our solution is perfect for companies operating several e-commerce at the same time in need of separate customer support for each e-commerce.

What about data safety?

The safety of your data is our topmost priority. CloudTalk uses third-party data centers with industry-standard certifications (Tier III+ or IV, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS). All facilities include physical protection. Interface is accessed through an encrypted SSL connection. You can read more at our page dedicated to Security.

Do you provide discounts for new customers?

Yes, if you sign up for CloudTalk for 12 months in advance, you will get more than 30% discount on the price of your package.