Integration with Pipedrive

Call center phone integration for Pipedrive

CloudTalk call center integration for Pipedrive

CloudTalk is currently the #1 rated Phone app in Pipedrive's marketplace. Leverage our 2-way sync integration and Click-to-Call feature by connecting CloudTalk with Pipedrive.

Handle more calls with faster dialing

With our Click-to-call feature, making and receiving calls has never been so easy. Simply click on a number saved in your Pipedrive account and CloudTalk will automatically dial the number for you. This means that sales representatives will not have to switch between two different systems and waste their time. 

2-Way data sync accessible in real time

Sales reps need up-to-date and comprehensive data to make the most out of their leads. Our integration allows them to instantly view the caller’s contact details and history even before picking up the phone. Data integrity is not an issue – CloudTalk automatically synchronizes notes, tags, contact and communications history in real time. Any changes made in CloudTalk are automatically transferred to Pipedrive, and vice versa.

By integrating CloudTalk with Pipedrive, your agents will have instant access to customer data to better understand deal background. Better deal understanding means more personalized interactions which leds to more closed deals.

CloudTalk contact center integration for Pipedrive

Keep your sales activities under control

CloudTalk will automatically log in all calls in Pipedrive as an activity, allowing your staff to keep track of the status of their leads. After each customer call, all call-related data are stored both in CloudTalk and in Pipedrive.

Never lose a deal again

Abandoned and missed calls mean lost leads. With our smart Callback feature, CloudTalk will automatically dial the customer’s number once an agent is available. Use Power dialer to automate your processes and get context for every voip call.

Seamless customized integration

Pipedrive-CloudTalk integration is ready within seconds with no need for programming. It is fully customizable, so you can choose which data are synchronized based on your business needs. Provide your clients with excellent personalized service by maximizing all data available. 

If you need any help, get in touch with our experts, who are always happy to help. Call us at +1 888-487-1675 or write us an email at [email protected].

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