Integration with Pipedrive

#1 Rated Phone system for Pipedrive Sales Teams

CloudTalk call center integration for Pipedrive

CloudTalk is currently the #1 rated Phone app in Pipedrive's marketplace. Leverage our 2-way sync integration and Click-to-Call feature by connecting CloudTalk with Pipedrive.

Quick feature overview:

  • 2-way Real time synchronization (Calls, Notes, Contacts, Recordings, Tags)
  • Sync is done for both Deals and Contacts
  • Click-to-Call - hover over Pipedrive contacts and easily initiate calls
  • Access recordings without ever leaving Pipedrive
  • See caller's Pipedrive details before picking up the call
  • Select which activity will be a call assigned to
  • Sync contacts with companies
  • CloudTalk is currently the #1 rated Phone app in Pipedrive marketplace

You can check the features in the video below

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Advanced features:

  • Multiple integrations - Activate up to 20 integrations with Pipedrive, and have custom setup for every CloudTalk user or your Pipedrive account
  • Settings of call logging - In settings, pick how inbound, outbound and missed calls will be logged in Pipedrive

CloudTalk contact center integration for Pipedrive

Setting up the integration

Check out the following video to see how to integrate Pipedrive with CloudTalk. We like to call it a "3-click-integration" but don't take our word for it and try it yourself. Eventually check this integration guide.

How to setup the Pipedrive integration:

  • Login to CloudTalk Dashboard account here
  • Click on Account -> Integrations in the left sidebar menu
  • Select Pipedrive integration and click on +Add button to install the integration

Complete guide on setting up Pipedrive with CloudTalk can be found here.

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