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Virtual Meetings: Understanding + Improving Them in 2024

A. Viktória Filová | 18. April 2024
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Virtual Team Communication: Challenges, Tips & More for 2024

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Call Center Monitoring: 7 Practices, Benefits & Tools

N. Mrázová | 28. March 2024
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10 perfect sales pitch examples and how to write your own

Q. Malloy | 29. January 2024
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The Difference Between Positive and Negative Feedback at Work

N. Mrázová | 13. December 2022
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8 Sales Prospecting Methods That Actually Work

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Top 110 Call Center Quotes – CloudTalk

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How to Improve Call Center Agent Performance

A. Kozma
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8 Ways to Improve the Work Performance of your Call Center Agents

N. Mrázová | 2. May 2022
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Best 11 Customer Service Games, Activities, and Training Ideas

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What is collaborative leadership and how to build it

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What is Call Scoring? Guide to improving agents performance

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11 Ways To Reduce Agent Attrition in Call Centers

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Supercharge Your Agents with an Auto Dialer for Sales

N. Mrázová | 3. August 2021
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7 Tips for using Call Routing to Improve Agents’ Efficiency

Q. Malloy | 26. May 2021