What We Do
We’re fixing the future of voice. It’s nice to talk to a person sometimes. Voice business became complicated and outdated. We make it easy and innovative.

CloudTalk creates meaningful products to enhance your communication and to make the phone channel an asset to your business and to your customers. Plus we help companies to know about their customers more information so they can scale more easily.
Who We Are
We’re a great team of enthusiastic people with passion for innovation. And we’re generally like a big family working in a house with our own garden and sauna. We do like sports, we have big public parks close to us.

Right now we’re looking for other rare individuals to help us achieve our goals. If you’re interested, check our open positions bellow.
Why We Do It
We do this work because we ourselves love to talk with other people. So we chose our mission - disrupt the future of voice. Why can a call center system looks like Google apps? People think of telecommunications as a boring industry, but actually it’s pretty fun. There is so much space to innovate and create new things, better and of course useful.

We believe that success comes from hard work and to those who quit Thinking and start Doing.