VoIP Numbers: Your Business Communication Guide [2024]
By Veronika Bucko
| 25. January 2024 |
By V. BuckoVeronika Bucko
| 25 Jan 2024 |
    By V. BuckoVeronika Bucko
    | 25 Jan 2024

    How To Support Your Global Outreach With VoIP Phone Numbers

    Open your business to the world. Call wire-free, become a local anywhere, and eliminate high costs for international calling with VoIP phone numbers.

    3 Types Of VoIP Numbers

    There are different types of VoIP numbers with various formats, functions, and purposes. Here is a breakdown of Local, Toll-free, and International VoIP phone numbers.

    Local Numbers (Area Codes)

    Local numbers are defined by local area code prefixes for specific regions. VoIP’s flexibility allows companies to effortlessly acquire local numbers from various countries/districts.

    Here are several examples:

    • Spain: +34
    • Germany: +49
    • Indonesia: +62
    • Israel: +972
    • Argentina: +54
    • US: +1

    Local numbers serve as a powerful tool for establishing regional credibility and connectivity. They enable you to project a local presence without physical offices in every location, supporting customer trust and familiarity. 

    Local numbers also save you money by reducing long-distance charges.

    Learn more about local numbers and their pricings.

    Toll-Free Numbers

    Toll-free numbers make it easy for customers to reach you. They are a simple but impactful way of ensuring excellent customer service.

    Examples of Toll-free numbers:

    • US: 800, 888, 887 or 866 
    • UK: 0800 or 0808 
    • Izrael: 1809

    These numbers allow customers to contact you without incurring charges. Having a toll-free number can boost credibility and encourage customers to get in touch with you without having to worry about call costs. 

    Your business will seem accessible and professional. 

    Explore more toll-free numbers.

    International Numbers (Country Coverage)

    International numbers let you easily expand your global reach. They are associated with specific countries and help you establish a local presence internationally. 

    Let’s say you are reaching out to clients in London. You can get a UK phone number to ensure seamless communication. 


    The familiar phone number supports trust in people, boosting pickup rates. Your customers abroad can also contact your business without worrying about long-distance charges. 

    Check more international numbers.

    6 Benefits Of Getting a VoIP Phone System

    To get a VoIP phone number, you need to get VoIP-enabled calling software.. 

    Here’s a few reasons to encourage the switch:

    1. Save On Setup And Maintenance Costs

    Phone systems offering VoIP numbers present a budget-friendly alternative for your business thanks to lower setup and maintenance costs. With much cheaper long-distance calls, savings accumulate over time.

    2. Scale Effortlessly With Adaptable Software

    Ideal for mid-sized businesses anticipating growth, VoIP systems are highly scalable. You can add or remove phone lines easily, anytime. No matter how much you scale, the right VoIP system adapts to your evolving needs.

    3. Predictable Costs For Better Budgeting

    Many VoIP providers offer flat-rate pricing. That means predictable monthly communication costs. This level of predictability makes your budget management easier, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently.

    4. Make Smarter Calls With Advanced Tools

    VoIP systems offer advanced inbound and outbound features. It gives you a way to distribute calls, automate sales campaigns, and implement AI tools. Enhance productivity and customer service and get a competitive edge in the market.

    5. Analytics and Reporting

    VoIP systems offer valuable insights for your business. Analyzing call volumes, customer behavior, and employee performance leads to data-driven decision-making. That contributes to overall business efficiency.

    6. Be Available Even During Outages

    With functionalities like call continuity and failover mechanisms, you can ensure uninterrupted communication even in the face of network disruptions or outages. You can deliver a seamless experience under nearly any circumstance.

    Consider This When Choosing The Right VoIP Provider

    Choosing the right VoIP software is an investment in the quality of your service. 

    Here are four key questions to ask yourself when navigating the multitude of available options:

    • Can You Always Rely On It?

    When selecting the right VoIP software, prioritize reliability. Look for a solution with a track record of minimal downtime and robust call quality. Customer reviews and testimonials can be a great way to discover what other businesses think of the VoIP provider you are considering. It shows you how it works in real-world scenarios.

    • Does It Let You Grow?

    We can’t stress the importance of flexibility enough. Does the solution adapt to you or do you have to adapt to it? Your VoIP system should follow your evolving needs, whether it’s accommodating a growing team or adjusting business operations. Choose VoIP software that allows you to add or remove users and features easily.

    • Can It Do Everything You Need?

    What the VoIP phone system offers has to align with your business requirements. Look for features that are essential to you and make sure the system integrates with your CRM or collaboration platforms. Having an Open API in place is also beneficial. You can integrate with your favorite software even if the VoIP solution doesn’t offer it.

    • Can You Really Afford It?

    Consider your budget and the pricing structure of the VoIP software. Look beyond the initial setup costs and identify the long-term expenses. Opt for a solution that offers transparent pricing, whether it’s a flat-rate model or a scalable pricing structure based on your usage. Make sure you avoid any unexpected costs down the line.

    Compare VoIP Calling Software Costs In an Ultimate Pricing Guide

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    VoIP Numbers Crash Course

    Do you want to truly understand the VoIP numbers?

    Learn everything you need to know in 5 minutes:

    YouTube video

    Is VoIP Safe? 3 Ways VoIP Providers Ensure Data Security

    Let’s explore 3 inherent strengths that make VoIP a secure choice for your business.

    1. Get data-based insights 

    One of the foundational elements in the VoIP security arsenal is encryption. It’s like a superhero cloak that ensures your conversations remain private. VoIP providers understand the importance of securing data in transit and implementing robust encryption protocols that protect your calls from prying ears.

    2. Constant Vigilance is the Key

    Like any other software, VoIP gets regular updates. It is also monitored for unusual activities and implements strong user authentication. The key lies in staying vigilant and making use of all the security tools it offers. Safety is not a one-time fix; it’s an ongoing commitment.

    3. VoIP Providers are Your Security Allies

    Choosing a reliable VoIP provider is like having an uncompromising ally in your corner. Established VoIP service providers invest in robust infrastructure to protect your communication channels. They implement security measures, conduct regular audits, and stay abreast of emerging threats. Collaborating with a reputable provider ensures that your VoIP experience is not just about convenience but also about trust.

    While no technology is immune to risks, the key is to acknowledge these risks and actively work towards eliminating them. VoIP, with its commitment to encryption, vigilance, and provider support, will stand by your side in fighting against security threats.

    The Wrap-Up

    By now, it should be obvious that embracing VoIP phone numbers is not just a modern communication solution; it’s a strategic move to transform the way your business connects with the world. Regardless of your location or specific business solution, there’s a virtual number for you.


    What is a VoIP number?

    A VoIP number, short for Voice over Internet Protocol number, is a digital phone number that allows you to make voice calls over the Internet instead of traditional phone lines. It operates using VoIP technology, converting voice signals into digital data packets and transmitting them to a call receiver.

    Why would someone want a VoIP number?

    Individuals and businesses opt for VoIP numbers primarily because they offer cost-effective and flexible communication solutions. VoIP numbers are portable, allowing users to make and receive calls from anywhere with a stable internet connection. Additionally, they often come with advanced features like call forwardingvoicemail-to-email, and virtual receptionist services.

    How do you get a VoIP number?

    Getting a VoIP number involves choosing a VoIP service provider, signing up for a plan, and selecting a virtual phone number. The provider will configure the number, and you can typically use it immediately after setup. Learn more about how to get a VoIP phone number.

    Is a VoIP number a real number?

    Yes, a VoIP number is a real number. While it operates over the internet, it functions just like a traditional phone number for both incoming and outgoing calls. You can dial the VoIP number as any other.

    How to get a non-VoIP number?

    To get a non-VoIP number, you would need to opt for a traditional landline or mobile phone number provided by a telecommunications company. These numbers are not reliant on internet connectivity. They operate through physical phone lines and cellular networks.

    How to track a VoIP number?

    You can track a VoIP number using call tracking software or services specifically designed for VoIP calls. These tools capture data such as call duration, caller information, and call sources, providing you with valuable insights into call performance and customer interactions.

    What is a fixed VoIP number?

    fixed VoIP number refers to a virtual phone number that is associated with a specific geographic location or area code. Unlike non-fixed VoIP numbers, which can be used from any location, fixed VoIP numbers are tied to a particular region, making them suitable if your business targets customers in a specific area.