Looking for the best cloud contact center for Hubspot?

Our 3-click CloudTalk + HubSpot integration allows you to automate your workflows, boost team performance and track all the important metrics.

Click-to-Call lets you easily initiate calls from the HubSpot interface.

See callers’ HubSpot details before picking up the phone.

Increase your sales and customer support teams’ efficiency.

No credit card required

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4,000+ call centers and phone systems powered by CloudTalk and counting

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Deliver an excellent customer experience

Every client or prospect appreciates personal attention, which is why you should always have all relevant information about your customers in one place. It only takes one click to get from CloudTalk’s Phone app to the Hubspot customer profile. Have all the important information for when your clients are calling, available even before you pick up the phone. 

Quick feature overview

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Easily Initiate Calls With HubSpot CTI

Make and receive calls directly from the HubSpot interface using HubSpot CTI. By clicking the Call icon on the contact card or the Make a phone call button in the Calls tab, HubSpot will open the call widget and CloudTalk will dial the number in the CloudTalk app.

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All your data is accessible and easy to analyze

Sync all of your data, including Calls, Notes, Contacts, Recordings, and even Tags without any hassle. 2-way real-time synchronization with Hubspot for all Deals, Tickets, Contacts, and SMS messages.

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Call Recordings and Call Engagement

By having call data accessible with a single click, you can make better business decisions faster. Log outbound and inbound calls, call recordings and manage missed calls more easily than ever before.

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Boost your team’s productivity

Always have up-to-date information about your clients. Thanks to our powerful CloudTalk + Hubspot call center integration, all your notes, tags, rating, contacts, and communication history are automatically synchronized in both systems — no need to enter any details manually.

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All your incoming and outgoing calls are automatically logged in Hubspot.

Moreover, abandoned or missed calls are recorded as well, so you won’t lose track of any deals.

With our Power dialer feature, prospects’ numbers are dialed automatically as soon as an agent is available to field the call.

Setting up the Hubspot integration
can be done within 5 minutes

Hubspot + CloudTalk integration setup
is quick and easy and no programming is required.

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Streamline daily workflows with Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation is an efficient way of streamlining business processes, especially in customer support and sales departments. This feature can help you connect different tools to CloudTalk in order to reduce the amount of time spent on the unnecessary, repetitive tasks required of the typical sales or customer support agent.

The most useful scenarios for Hubspot users

SMS with follow-up sent automatically when a prospect or customer is not reached by an agent;

Speech-to-text transcription is logged in Hubspot after an agent finishes the inbound/outbound call with a customer or prospect;

Exported call details in the chosen system (helpdesk, eCommerce, communication, BI, etc.) & and many more.

Automate your workflows,
boost the team performance without any compromise

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Use smart metrics to track your team’s activity

Deliver better results by measuring and tracking all important data. CloudTalk offers smart analytics features like call center statistics and a real-time dashboard, where you can learn more about your team’s performance. These useful insights will highlight the biggest challenges in the customers’ journey.

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Use advanced features to increase the team performance

Technology is making our lives simpler and more efficient. CloudTalk offers you several advanced, time-saving features. The Click-to-call feature can recognize and convert any phone number in Hubspot to a clickable format, making your sales process faster and more personalized. Spend less time doing repetitive tasks and focus more on your clients.

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Synchronize SMS to your Hubspot

Keep track of all of your interactions with prospects and customers by synchronizing SMS messages between CloudTalk and HubSpot. Once you’ve activated the sync, CloudTalk will automatically pair all SMS correspondences to the correct contact, so you’ll have all of the necessary information at your fingertips when closing your next deal.


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