Integration with SalesLoft


As soon as your phone rings, Streamline Sales team workflows automatically log call details and surface relevant caller details using Insight Cards. Easy as that.

SalesLoft integration is coming soon!

Take your outbound call productivity to the next level 

Using the Click-to-call feature on any contact number found within SalesLoft, you’re able to make an outbound call with zero delay. On top of that, adding call dispositions within SalesLoft can be done without leaving your screen. 

Find and browse all caller details 

As long as a lead or contact has been created within SalesLoft and Salesforce, you can find an Insight Card for it. The Card includes the caller’s name and a link to their SalesLoft profile, and it appears in CloudTalk straight away during an incoming call and remains available while the phone communication is in progress. By utilizing the caller details in SalesLoft, reps can lead informed, helpful conversations every time. 

Logging calls ensures you don’t miss a thing 

Everything is automatically logged into Salesforce. That includes your prospect’s interactions with customer support, as well as their phone conversation with someone on your team. Calls are logged as Call Notes and include crucial details, like the nature of the call (outbound vs. inbound), whether it was answered or missed, and the CloudTalk line that was used. Comments about the call are also logged, accompanied by a link to the call recording. 

Simple setup process

It takes less than 5 minutes and zero skills to set up the SalesLoft + CloudTalk integration. Simply go to the CloudTalk dashboard, follow a few steps to authenticate CloudTalk, connect a CloudTalk number, authenticate Salesforce and SalesLoft, sync tags… and you’re done.


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