25. February 2021

Women in SaaS: Arielle from Donut

Leaping from the hierarchical world of publishing into the lawless beauty of startups, this powerhouse didn’t know what the transition would bring—but she certainly knew she was ready to wear as many hats as was necessary in order to find out. 

23. February 2021

What makes CloudTalk the right call center software in 2021

2020 will be remembered as a year full of challenges that constantly tested our flexibility and perseverance. It also showed us areas where we need to excel and things that hold us back. If obtaining a call center solution that will help with your day-to-day tasks is on your list of new year’s resolutions, you’re in the right place.

19. February 2021

Customer service tools you should use in 2021

Customer service tools improve the quality of service provided by your agents. If you are wondering which ones are worth considering for your implementation, here you will find a list of the best customer service tools for 2021.

15. February 2021

Does cold calling really work for B2B businesses in 2021?

Contrary to what you might think, B2B cold calling is very much alive. In a world where remote teams have become the norm, cold calling is making a revival. But, without the right skillset, you’ll fail to get through to the decision-makers you need. This will leave you endlessly dialing numbers, only to be left speaking to a voicemail.

10. February 2021

Women in SaaS: Kelly from CoSchedule

When a woman with 20 years of experience in the industry says you don’t have to apologize for having an opinion, listen to her. “Feel confident in the knowledge that you are being paid to be present and active in this dialogue.”

9. February 2021

7 Reasons why you should invest in a cloud solution for your call center

Can you improve your customer service, take some workload off your agents’ shoulders, and save money while doing so? Yes, you can, because cloud solutions can give you all of this and more. Read our article on 7 reasons why investing in a cloud call center is a great idea for operations of all sizes.

27. January 2021

Women in SaaS: Patricia from Exponea

Inspiration can take unexpected forms—like a potential buyer of your car leading you towards your future as Head of CEE Sales. But ‘right place, right time’ can only point to a door. Thankfully, this passionate woman had the guts to open it, and to earn everything that came next.