17 Sales Voicemail Scripts For a Successful Callback
By Andrea Viktória Filo
| 16. May 2024 |
Sales, Communication
By A. Viktória FiloAndrea Viktória Filo
| 16 May 2024 |
Sales, Communication
    By A. Viktória FiloAndrea Viktória Filo
    | 16 May 2024
    Sales, Communication

    Boost Callbacks: Top 17 Sales Voicemail Scripts for 2024

    “Hello, you’ve reached … We are sorry, but .. Please leave a message ….”

    This is what you hear on the other end of the phone 97% of the time and the majority of these business calls remain unanswered. So, what’s the secret to changing this outcome?

    Effective voicemails that follow a script are key to successful sales. On average, each sales representative leaves 70 voicemails each day and dedicates 25 hours per month to voicemail tasks. Even though leaving voicemails is a daily task, it doesn’t mean they should be taken lightly. It’s much better to follow a prepared script than to just say whatever comes to mind when you reach an answering machine.

    Key takeaways:

    • Learn how to craft effective voicemail scripts that get replies, including crucial elements to include for better engagement.
    • Gain practical tips to enhance the quality of your messages, making them more likely to get noticed and replied to.
    • Examine 17 proven voicemail script examples used by top sales professionals to optimize their outreach efforts.

    Why do voicemail sales scripts matter?

    These days many people ignore a call if they don’t recognize the number. So leaving a voicemail is your opportunity to identify yourself and deliver your message. 

    By using a script, you avoid talking too much or leaving out important details, which could make potential customers less interested. With a compelling script, you boost your callback chances by 22%, according to InsideSales. Since it often takes at least eight interactions before a lead agrees to a meeting, every voicemail counts. 

    A well-crafted voicemail sales script makes your message clearer and more effective which will help you keep your messages short and to the point, making it more likely that people will call you back.

    What Makes a Good Voicemail Script?

    The best voicemail scripts are clear, concise, and personalized, designed to grab the listener’s attention and encourage a response. They balance professionalism with a touch of personal connection, making each call feel thoughtfully tailored rather than generic. A well-designed voicemail script ensures your message will be heard, remembered, and acted upon, setting the stage for successful future communications.

    • Introduce Yourself and Your Company

    Start with your name and where you’re calling from. It helps the listener to know who you are, even if you’ve talked before. Make it brief but informative to establish trust and recognition.

    • Clearly state your contact information

    It’s good to say your phone number during voicemail. People might see it on their caller ID, but saying it makes calling you back easier. You might want to repeat it twice, once near the start and again at the end, just in case they don’t listen to the whole message.
    Also state your email address slowly and precisely, making it easy for the prospect to jot down.

    • Why You’re Calling

    Clearly state why you’re calling. Perhaps they have asked a question on your website, or someone has recommended that you contact them. Explaining why you’re reaching out helps grab their attention.

    • The Benefit of Calling Back

    Focus on how calling you back can benefit them, not on making a sale. Talk about how you might help their business, like saving time or making more money. Share real benefits instead of just listing what you offer.

    • Personal Touch

    Tailor the message to the recipient to show you’ve done your homework. Personalization can greatly increase response rates.

    • Brevity

    Keep it short and to the point. Aim for 20-30 seconds to respect the listener’s time and increase the likelihood of your message being heard in full.

    • Next Steps

    End with a specific request, like what you’d want them to do after hearing your message, which would be calling you back or watching for an email. Be clear about when you’re available for a callback, like “Call me at XYZ-1234, I’m usually free Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.”

    17 Proven Sales Voicemail Scripts for Winning Callbacks

    These scripts can be your secret weapon to stand out and connect with people. Use them to make every voicemail count, whether you’re starting a conversation or following up. 

    #1 Script: The Direct Introduction

    It’s important to keep your message concise and strictly to the point — you’re aiming to introduce yourself, not deliver a full sales pitch. With a simple, straightforward introduction, a voice message can often be very effective for sales.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello [prospect name], I’m [your name] from [your company name]

    In my role as [brief description of your role and the outcomes you achieve for clients], I’ve seen great results with many customers. I believe we could work well together. 

    Please call me back when you have a chance, my number is [your phone number]

    Once again, I’m [your name], and I’m looking forward to hear from you. Thank you, [prospect name] and have a great day.”

    Why it works: Because this voicemail is quick and straightforward, it makes it easy for the prospect to understand and remember it. By personalizing the message and hinting at the value you can offer, it piques the listener’s interest. 

    The clear call to action, coupled with repeating your contact info, makes it simple for them to reach back. Plus, ending on a polite note leaves a good impression, making a callback more likely.

    #2 Script: Warm up your prospects

    Mentioning a referral’s name can significantly increase your chances of getting a callback from prospects.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello, [prospect’s name]. This is [your name] from [your company]. 

    [Referrer’s name] recommended I set up a meeting with you. He passed on your contact because we’ve successfully assisted them at [referrer’s company] with [insert specific benefit relevant to current prospect], and he believes we can offer similar value to you.

    When it suits you, I’d appreciate a call back to discuss further. You can reach me anytime at [your phone number]. Thank you!”

    Why it works: This approach is effective because it applies three key principles of influence: social proof, likability, and authority.

    It utilizes social proof and likability by mentioning a mutual contact who has endorsed the caller. Additionally, by stating the assistance provided to the mutual contact, the caller establishes authority, indicating their capability and expertise in providing solutions.

    #3 Script: Conjunction with Inbound Marketing

    This voicemail template is particularly effective when integrated with your inbound marketing efforts. It opens the door for a conversation by asking for feedback on the content your prospect engaged with, letting you learn more about their needs and how you can offer value.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello [prospect’s name], it’s [your name] from [your company]

    I noticed you recently downloaded [name of gated content], and I’m reaching out to hear your thoughts on it. Additionally, I’d love to discuss any other resources we might have that could support your goals to [value-driver] at [company name]

    Feel free to give me a call back at a time that works for you. My number is [your phone number]. Hope to talk to you soon.”

    Why it works: The strength of this approach lies in its ability to naturally transition from a feedback request to a deeper conversation about the prospect’s needs and how your offerings can meet them. It’s a non-invasive way to engage, offering mutual benefit by providing the prospect with valuable resources while giving you insights into their interests and challenges.

    #4 Script: Create a feeling of familiarity

    Fostering a sense of connection helps to spark the potential customer’s interest.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello, [prospect’s name], it’s [your name] here from [company]. We connected [how/why/when you connected].

    I am reaching out personally today because I have an idea that could really make a difference for you, even though I am still in the process of working it out.

    Could you please ring me back at my personal number [your phone number] to discuss this further?”

    Why it works: This approach is effective because it shifts the prospect’s perception of the caller from “an unknown caller” to “someone familiar making contact.”

    Using the term “reach out personally” implies that the caller is someone of importance and has taken the time specifically for the prospect. Saying “in the process of working it out” subtly indicates that the caller’s intention isn’t just to sell something but to genuinely see if their idea could help the prospect. Lastly, inviting the prospect to call back on a personal number reinforces the feeling of a closer, more personal connection.

    #5 Script: Reacting to a Lead Inquiry

    Here’s a scenario where a potential client has already shown interest, and you’re following up.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello, [Prospect’s name], it’s [your name] here from [your company].

    I’m reaching back out about [the specific inquiry, including details of where/how it was made].

    I’m about to send an email with detailed information on [your company] and our process, but first, I want to highlight [insert value proposition relevant to the inquiry].

    Let’s catch up on a call — you can reach me at [your phone number]. Feel free to text this number or respond to my upcoming email. Looking forward to speaking with you soon; enjoy your day.”

    Why it works: When following up on a lead interested in your offerings, a tailored approach is essential. This script excels in two specific areas:

    • It directly addresses the reason for the call, linking it to the lead’s previous action.
    • It reemphasizes the product’s or service’s value that intrigued the prospect initially.

    Offering the lead multiple response options — a call, text, or email reply — enhances the chance of a response by adapting to their preference and convenience, especially if they’re unable to communicate via phone at the moment.

    #6 Script: The Value Proposition

    Leveraging your sales voicemail to inform a prospect about a valuable email you’ve sent can be highly effective.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello [prospect name], it’s [your name] from [your company name]

    I’ve just sent you an email with a detailed report on [prospect’s company name] that I believe you’ll find useful; it certainly opened my eyes. 

    Please, call me back at your convenience to talk about it, my number is [your phone number]

    Once more, I’m [your name], and my number is [your phone number].”

    Why it works: A key advantage of this approach is that many prospects might prefer to respond by email rather than phone, considering it the easier option. It’s much more difficult for them to overlook attempts to connect via both email and voicemail, especially when you’ve made the effort to create a customized report for them.

    #7 Script:  Following-Up Voicemail Script for Reactivating Old Leads

    This voicemail script, inspired by a Real Estate script, is designed to rekindle interest from a previous prospect, regardless of your industry.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello [prospect’s name], it’s [your name] here, a [your job title] at [your company].

    You might not recall, but around [time frame], you have [insert how you got their information] and expressed interest in [insert what they were interested in].

    I’m reaching out to check in and see if you’re still considering [insert a question about their interest in the product or service].

    If you’ve already gone ahead with [“the product or service”], I wouldn’t want to bother you unnecessarily. Could you please update me on your decision?

    Many thanks. You can reach me at [your phone number]. Looking forward to your response.”

    Why it works: This script is specifically tailored for reconnecting with old leads by offering them a straightforward way to opt-out. This strategy might seem unconventional at first glance. However, the option for leads to easily withdraw actually encourages them to respond to your message. 

    If the lead is still interested, they may think, “I should get back to them soon, or they might not contact me again!” Conversely, if they’ve moved on, they’re likely to let you know just to prevent future calls, thinking, “I just need to tell them I’m not interested anymore to stop the calls!”

    This technique ensures a higher likelihood of receiving a response, whether they are still interested or not.

    #8 Script: Creating Trust through Credibility

    Using voicemail to quickly establish a connection can be effective by highlighting your credibility upfront. Offer a brief reason for the listener to take your message seriously.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello [prospect name], it’s [your name] from [your company name]

    Remember we connected [at X convention/on X date]? I’d love to discuss a few things further, so please give me a ring when you’re free. 

    Once more, I’m [your name] from [your company name], and my number is [your phone number]. Looking forward to our chat.”

    Why it works: This script works because it leverages a previous interaction as a trust-builder, reminding the prospect of your existing relationship. By mentioning where or when you last spoke, you not only reinforce your credibility but also personalize the message, making the prospect more likely to respond.

    #9 Script: The Prompt for Promptness

    Creating a sense of urgency doesn’t have to involve mystery or gimmicks. Being direct with your prospects about your eagerness to connect can be just as effective.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello [prospect name], it’s [your name] from [your company name]

    I’m really keen to speak with you before the end of today. Could you please get back to me as soon as you can? 

    It’s a brief conversation, just five minutes, but it’s important and timely. You can reach me at [your number].”

    Why it works: Setting a clear deadline can motivate prospects to respond more quickly. However, it’s vital to be genuine with your urgency—avoid setting an end-of-day deadline if the matter isn’t truly urgent. And, of course, be ready to answer when they do call back.

    #10 Script: Follow-up on Outbound Leads

    Reaching out to outbound leads might feel more challenging, and leaving voicemail after voicemail can seem daunting. However, persistence is key; with each message left, you’re increasing the likelihood of receiving a response.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello [prospect name], this is [your name] from [your company name]

    I reached out to you with [an email / a call] yesterday and haven’t yet heard back. Could we have a brief conversation by the end of today? I’d appreciate that.

    Once more, it’s [your name] from [your company name], and you can contact me at [your number]. Many thanks.”

    Why it works: This script reminds the prospect of your previous attempt to connect, reinforcing your interest in speaking with them. It’s also flexible, allowing for adjustments across multiple follow-ups, ensuring your message remains fresh and engaging. Persistence, combined with a clear, respectful request for a callback, often encourages prospects to engage, especially when they realize your determination to connect.

    #11 Script: The Yes-Or-No Tactic

    This strategy stands out enough to potentially yield a higher callback rate, depending on your audience. Simply put, you ask the prospect for a straightforward “yes” or “no” answer.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello [prospect name], it’s [your name] from [your company name]

    I sent you an email last week about [your product/service] and haven’t gotten a response yet. To avoid taking up unnecessary time, please drop me a quick reply when you can — a simple “Yes” or “No” will do, and we’ll move forward based on your answer. 

    Thank you, [prospect name]. Hope to hear from you today. My number is [your number] or just drop me an email.

    Why it works: This approach works because it makes responding feel less demanding for the prospect. Offering them the chance to clear something off their to-do list with just one word might encourage them to engage.

    #12 Script: Cold Calling Scenario

    For a polished and professional voicemail during prospecting, courtesy is key. It is particularly effective in cold calling scenarios to highlight a success story.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello [prospect’s name], this is [your name] reaching out from [your company]

    I’m contacting you because we recently assisted [client company name] in boosting their [e.g. win by XY%], and I’m confident we can achieve similar results for your [company name]

    Please, when you have a moment, call me back at [your phone number]. Appreciate it!”

    Why it works: This approach is successful because it combines professionalism with a clear demonstration of value, illustrated through a tangible achievement with another client. It not only garners attention by showcasing what’s possible but also invites the prospect to learn more about how they can benefit, thereby increasing the likelihood of a return call.

    Want to learn more about Cold Calling. Check out our Cold Calling Templates Ebook!

    #13 Script: The Heads-Up Call

    A strategic voicemail can pave the way for a successful follow-up call. By notifying the prospect in advance about when you plan to call next, you offer them the chance to prepare or connect earlier if they prefer.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello [prospect name], it’s [your name] from [your company name]

    In my role, I [brief description of what you do and the benefits you provide to clients]. It seems like we could really work well together. 

    I’ll be calling again on [date/time] to discuss further. If you’d like to get in touch sooner, here’s my number: [your number]

    Once again, I’m [your name], and you can reach me at [your number].”

    Why it works: This method is effective because it respects the prospect’s schedule and shows consideration by allowing them to anticipate your call. This way it subtly increases the likelihood of a positive reception to your follow-up.

     #14 Script: The Product Cross-Sell/Upsell

    Leveraging a sales voicemail can be a smart way to introduce an existing customer to a new or upgraded product.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello [prospect name], it’s [your name] from [your company name]

    It’s great to hear you’re benefiting from [current product]. I’ve just learned about our launch of [new/upgraded product], and I believe it could be a perfect match for you. 

    Please give me a call back to discuss. Once more, I’m [your name] and my contact is [your phone number].”

    Why it works: This approach is particularly effective because selling to an existing customer is 14 times more likely than acquiring a new one, and these customers are 50% more inclined to try a new product or service. Additionally, they tend to spend 31% more compared to new customers. 

    Offering them products that complement or enhance their current solutions not only boosts potential sales but also strengthens your relationship with them.

    #15 Script: Offer a Solution

    Offering a targeted solution to a problem your buyer might be facing is among the most effective voicemail messages you can leave. In the least favorable outcome, the issue you mention might not be relevant to them at the moment, but the proposition could still pique their interest enough to prompt a callback for further details.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello [prospect name], it’s [your name] with [your company name]

    I’ve noticed you’re seeking [service] to address the [problem / challenges] you’re encountering. I’m confident I have a solution that could assist. I’ll be available all day for a chat if you’d like to call me back. 

    You can reach me at [your number]. Looking forward to discussing how we can resolve this for you. Take care.”

    Why it works: This script works well because it directly aligns your offering with the buyer’s needs, demonstrating immediate value. Even if the specific issue isn’t on their radar, the mention of a potential solution can spark curiosity and lead to a conversation they hadn’t anticipated but find beneficial.

    #16 Script: Use FOMO to provoke a response

    By using FOMO (= fear of missing out) you create a sense of urgency and motivate the potential customer to respond to your call.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello, [prospect’s name], it’s [your name] from [your company name].  

    I’m reaching out because a client of ours, who is quite similar to you, has seen significant improvements using [insert offer] to achieve [insert result].

    I’m eager to discuss how they accomplished this and explore how we might replicate these successes for you.

    Please, could you give me a call back at [your phone number]? This is [your name] from [your company]. My number again is [your phone number].”

    Why it works: This script is effective because it not only offers value but also tailors the message specifically for the prospect. Sharing a success story from a client similar to the prospect makes the success feel achievable for them too.

    The real clincher is how the voicemail concludes — with an open invitation to share insights on achieving similar success, without any pressure or obligation. It’s this promise of significant value, without hard-selling, that makes this strategy particularly compelling.

    #17 Script: Driving Success: A Car Sales Voicemail Script

    Make sure you pair professionalism with a personal touch in your voicemail, effectively communicating the value you’ve provided to others.

    Sales Script Template

    “Hello [prospect’s name], it’s [your name]  here from [dealership name]

    I’m reaching out today because we’ve recently helped [customer name or reference group] find their perfect vehicle. I’m excited about the possibility of doing the same for you at [dealership name]

    If you could spare a moment to call me back at [your phone number], I’d love to discuss how we can find your ideal car. Looking forward to your call. Thank you!”

    Why it works: This script works well because by sharing a specific success story, it piques the prospect’s interest in how they could benefit similarly. The courteous and direct request for a callback further increases the chances of engaging them in a conversation, making it more likely they’ll reach out to learn more.

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    5 Bonus Tips for Enhancing Your Sales Voicemails

    1. Practice your delivery: A confident and natural delivery makes a big difference. Rehearse your script until it sounds conversational, not scripted.
    2. Use the prospect’s name: Personalize the message by using the recipient’s name. It grabs attention and makes the call more personal. 
    1. Keep it timely: Reference recent events or interactions, such as a new product launch or a previous conversation, to make your message timely and relevant.
    2. End with a question: Conclude your voicemail with a question related to your call to action. This can spark curiosity and encourage a callback.
    3. Follow Up: If you don’t hear back, follow up with an email summarizing your voicemail and reiterating the value proposition. This provides another touchpoint and increases your chances of a response.

    Sales Efficiency with Voicemail Drop

    If you’re using or planning to use business calling software like CloudTalk, consider adding Voicemail Drop to your sales toolkit. This feature allows you to tailor voicemails for each call, saving hours otherwise spent listening to greetings and repeating scripts.

    With the app, you can record or upload a message, then easily send it with a tap when a call reaches voicemail. Simply select a predefined recording at the beep, and your message is sent automatically, freeing you up for other tasks.

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    By customizing your scripts to fit your unique selling proposition and addressing the specific needs of your prospects, you can enhance your ability to build relationships, drive sales, and achieve your business goals. Furthermore, automation eliminates monotonous and repetitive tasks and saves you time and money.

    With the right mix of practice, persistence, and personalization, your voicemails will not just reach your audience but resonate with them, turning a simple message into a powerful sales tool. The 17 sales voicemail scripts we’ve provided can become a crucial component of your sales strategy, helping you stand out from the crowd. 


    What is a sales voicemail script?

    A sales voicemail script is a pre-written guide that salespeople use when leaving voicemails for prospects. It ensures that all key points are conveyed clearly and concisely, aiming to prompt a callback or further engagement.

    How do you leave a sales voicemail?

    To leave a sales voicemail, start by planning your message using a script to ensure clarity and conciseness. Be sure to introduce yourself, mention the purpose of your call, highlight a benefit for the prospect, and end with a clear call to action. Tools like voicemail feature allow you to leave messages directly through their system.

    Should you leave a voicemail when cold calling?

    Yes, leaving a voicemail during cold calling can be beneficial. It introduces you and your offering to the prospect and provides them with an opportunity to call back at their convenience. It’s a touchpoint that, if done well, can lead to further engagement.

    What are the benefits of a sales voicemail?

    The benefits include providing another touchpoint in the sales process, the opportunity to personalize your pitch, and the ability to convey your value proposition directly. Voicemails can also increase the chances of a callback and build awareness for your brand or product.

    What are the don’ts of sales voicemails?

    Don’t make your message too long or vague. Avoid using industry jargon that the recipient may not understand. Do not forget to leave your contact information, and never sound scripted or insincere. Lastly, don’t leave multiple voicemails in a short period, as this can be seen as intrusive.

    How long should a sales voicemail be?

    A sales voicemail should ideally be between 20 to 30 seconds. This duration is long enough to convey the necessary information and value proposition but short enough to maintain the recipient’s attention and respect their time.