Integration with CloudTalk Live for Intercom Messenger

CloudTalk Live for Intercom Messenger

CloudTalk Live for Intercom Messenger

Want to use Intercom Messenger to initiate voice calls? Seamless integration with CloudTalk Live allows you to switch from a chat to a call and back without ever leaving your Intercom Messenger interface.

When chat is not efficient, start a call.

If you already have an integration with Intercom (This integration syncs data between CloudTalk and Intercom) and feel that a call would be more productive than a chat, simply encourage customers to call you through the Intercom messenger. The customer will simply start their call from their browser, without the need to install anything and you will receive the call on your CloudTalk app, which lets you access all CloudTalk functionalities.

Install CloudTalk Live Integration

Hassle-free integration for a better customer service

Once you complete the one-click CloudTalk Live-Intercom Messenger integration, customers can jump on the call and talk to you through the Messenger window on their computer. It’s super easy both for you and the customer – no installations, no programming, no extra fees.

Real-time data synchronization

Don’t worry about losing track of calls initiated via Intercom Messenger. All these calls will be automatically stored in your call history and contact details both in CloudTalk and Intercom, along with additional details such as call duration and call recording. Integrate your Intercom Messenger with CloudTalk Live now and increase your call centre’s productivity.

How to use CloudTalk Live + Intercom Messenger Integration (Video Guide)


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