Outbound call center software for sales

Dial automatically, reach more prospects and convert better leads. CloudTalk outbound call center software is handcrafted for sales teams. Works great with all major CRMs and offers virtual phone numbers from 140+ countries at unbeatable rates.

Call center for your sales
Call center software to make more conversions

Make more conversations

We believe simplicity is the key to success. CloudTalk's next-gen feature Power Dialer is designed to make more outbound calls automatically, so your reps have more time to focus on what's important - closing deals.

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Easy and user-friendly interface with real-time syncing between devices and other services you use.


Empower your sales call center reps with live coaching (call barging and call whispering) without disrupting the flow of a conversation.


Compile your own contact database and filter potential target groups based on relevant criteria.


Click-to-call empowers sales reps to have more conversations and decrease the time spent on manual dialing.


Make sure you're calling with the right prospect at the right time. Auto dialer can get the job done.


Power Dialer will improve sales of your products or services by minimizing downtime between calls, automating workflows and keeping your reps happy.

Simple and effective sales reporting

Using advanced voice analytics, your managers can understand why one agent is about to break the sales record while the other can’t close a single deal. Are you generating income through your sales calls? Analyze your data and use them to improve your call center.

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Sales Analytics for Call center

Gather customer data to track performance, trends, and productivity. CloudTalk’s analytics empowers you to make smart data-driven decisions in your next campaign.


Listen to call recordings online in your internet browser anywhere, anytime.


Out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce, Pipedrive and other CRM solutions frees your outbound call center reps to focus on their conversations, not data entry.


Understand your customers. Identify the key metrics that help close deals and share those insights with your outbound call center team.


Record your calls to increase the quality of your services. Analysis of recordings from previous campaigns will improve targeting of your next campaign and increase call center sales.

Convert more leads with CloudTalk outbound call center

Convert more leads

Sell faster and smarter. By using CloudTalk Sales with your CRM, you can increase the success rate of your outbound sales campaigns. Your reps can talk longer and more efficiently with post-call automation.

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Outbound call center features

With CloudTalk's advanced features, your sales team will reach a whole new level of productivity.

Integrate your active call center software with business tools

Integrate your outbound call center software

CloudTalk Sales can be easily integrated into your existing CRM, e-commerce or helpdesk tools, like Salesforce, Pipedrive, Intercom etc. With CloudTalk API you can make your own customer integrations and automations very easily. Your team’s activity will be automatically logged into your CRM or other app you want. Reps can focus more on their conversations.

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