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Transforming the sleep industry with top-quality, locally produced mattresses at a fair price.


Founded in 2016, Polysleep is a Canadian company that offers exceptional products at a competitive price while contributing to the local economy and reducing the overall environmental impact. Business is run exclusively online, and being in tune with customers’ needs lies at the heart of the company’s values. 

The local brand stands out namely by allowing users to be actively involved in improving the products via feedback and shared personal experiences. To dedicate this level of care to its customer service while receiving hundreds of questions every day, Polysleep requires tools that are just as reliable as the team using them.


With its claim of unrivaled quality and thousands of happy customers, Polysleep’s customer service team is kept busy. Among other things, Polysleep offers a 100-night trial on all its mattresses and, should customers choose to return a mattress, the company donates it to a local charity. However, these commendable standards come with a lot of additional dealings and phone calls.

On top of the regular daily questions from current and potential customers, Polysleep agents need to be contacting dozens of charitable organizations to coordinate returns as well as handle courtesy calls following every purchase.

A user-friendly phone system quickly became a must for making the support team’s daily lives manageable.

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Tackling the challenge with CloudTalk

To remain on track with prioritizing the customers’ needs and expectations, there was a definitive need to find a new phone software vendor that could cover Polysleep’s customer support team requirements.

The main problem Polysleep faced with its previous phone provider was not being able to properly keep track of which client, prospect, or charity organization they’d already been in touch with. And as the number of callers who needed to be handled dramatically increased in line with the company’s growth, a phone solution that could integrate with Polysleep’s current CRM, Gorgias, was crucial.

A final dominant pain point was the process of changing or editing the IVR system. When using the IVR provided by the former vendor, it required several phone calls and emails—and a lot of trial and error—until the IVR was finally ready.

The key requirements for the new software were clear:

  • Reliable integration with Gorgias CRM: Specifically two-way data synchronization and logging of call details right into the CRM system. This would give the team a clear overview of what has already been done and what remains on their TO-DO list.
  • Call recordings: With hundreds of daily calls covering various customer needs, call recordings had to be easily accessible directly from Gorgias.
  • IVR system/call flow scenario: Polysleep needed an easy process of setting up an IVR system or other call flow scenario that could be edited directly by the team. 
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After several months of relying solely on CloudTalk, Polysleep has found the software to be irreplaceable. In the past month alone, the team has spent 4,000+ minutes on inbound and outbound calls, and they’ve made 1,300+ client calls using four phone Canadian numbers.

The native integration with Gorgias has visibly streamlined processes in the customer support department. Since agents began using aftercall work and all information is now logged into their CRM, the overall orientation has been a breeze. On top of that, agents can always access the call recordings for a full conversation overview in case there aren’t enough written notes available.

A surprisingly handy feature has been the Click-to-call extension, which allows team members to dial a phone number directly in Gorgias—without switching the platform or manually typing the numbers into a phone.

In general, the software has made keeping track of all tickets (including phone queries) much easier. This validates one of CloudTalk’s top benefits: the absolute and total logs that clients get.

Results in the last 3 months


Inbound and outbound calls


Minutes on the phone with clients


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Essential CloudTalk benefits

  • Call recording: This feature enables the Polysleep team to analyze recordings in order to improve their team productivity and boost customer service, negating the possibility of repetitive mistakes.
  • Voicemails: As simple as it may seem, voicemails allow the team to ensure that no inbound calls go unanswered, even outside of business hours or when all agents are busy. This does wonder for overall customer satisfaction.
  • Integration with Gorgias: Guaranteeing a comprehensive overview of customer interactions, this integration ensures all calls and voicemails are logged as tickets in Gorgias. Moreover, all agents can see important caller information directly in the CloudTalk phone app.
Jeremiah Curvers Polysleep

Jeremiah Curvers

Co-founder and CEO of Polysleep

Jeremiah launched Polysleep in 2016 as an online mattress-in-a-box company. Coming from a Belgian family specialized in furniture and decoration, he has an innate entrepreneurial spirit and a background that made him well-prepared for success in the mattress industry.

Polysleep’s top CloudTalk features

  • Call Flow Designer: As easy to learn as it is versatile, the customizable call flow has been a Polysleep team favorite. Agents can design advanced call flows for incoming calls and welcome messages, as well as create multi-level IVR to direct the caller to the most suitable agent. When making a change to the call flow, there’s no need to wait several days (as is the case with many providers). Just a few clicks, and it’s done.
  • Call Monitoring: Helping agents work efficiently while complying with communication standards, this feature provides three convenient options of monitoring: listening to the calls without interruption, whispering to the agent without the caller hearing, or joining live calls to interact with both the caller and the agent.
  • Call Statistics: Displaying real-time call center statistics and historical metrics (since day one of CloudTalk implementation), this feature helps managers increase the quality of services easily and confidently, as decisions are based on real data.

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