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Don't use just any call center system. Rely on the cloud-based solution, which really supports your business. High-quality calls, worldwide server, 40+ integrations, and many other reasons why CloudTalk is a smarter solution than 3CX.

No contracts. No minimum or a maximum number of users. 

Aircall vs CloudTalk - Call center software
CloudTalk has gained trust from 2,500+ call centers and phone systems over the world. Join them, it will make us proud! 

CloudTalk vs 3CX. Take a closer look

at why CloudTalk is not an alternative, CloudTalk is the solution.

Cloud-based phone system
Internet-based phone system 
Stater pricing
$25 per user/month billed annually or monthly. Offers ACD, call flow designer feature, and call statistics.  
$170 per year + $200 hosting option, annual billing only. Missing call recording, chat & call reporting feature. 
Essential pricing
$30 per user/month, billed annually or monthly. Offers all Intelligent call routing and voice features, real-time customer cards. 
$250 per year + $200 hosting option, annual billing only. Limited video conferencing participants, skill-based routing missing. 
Expert pricing
$50 per user/ month, billed annually or monthly. Offers every feature CloudTalk has without additional cost. 
$310 per year + $200 hosting option, annual billing only. Limited video conferencing participants to 250. 
Call flow designer
Allows you to manage inbound calls with steps like IVR, skills-based routing, and more. Create a customized sequence of steps individually for each customer.
Allows you to create voice applications, which interact with users via the simple menu, e.g. "For sales press 1".
Automated call distribution
Combines several key features like IVR, call queues, or skillsets of agents. This routes the caller to the most appropriate agent in a shorter time.
3CX works only with call queues with IVR support and skills-based routing. All these features work only separately.
Call masking
Protect callers' and buyers' personal phone numbers with a temporary number for both parties.
Allows you to hide outbound ID manually by modifying the phone's setting outside of 3CX.
CloudTalk's reporting feature combines the real-time dashboard, call monitoring, agent reporting, emotional analytics, custom reporting, and wallboard.
3CX offers you built-in reports of agents' performance, wait time, and the number of abandoned calls.
Customer Support
CloudTalk supports you 24/7 live through the different timezones, knowledge base, and FAQ/forum.
Offers you email/help desk, chat, and phone support. No 24/7 live support and knowledge base.
VIP Queues
Make your regular customers feel special. Create VIP Queue and give the priority to the customers which matter the most to your business.
3CX offers you a Call Queue feature, so the agents take calls when they are ready. This feature is available in PRO and Enterprise editions.

#1 Rated call center software

Based on 400+ CloudTalk reviews on 6 independent software marketplaces & platforms

Go beyond standard call center features

It is our goal to make your work easier. CloudTalk offers you 40+ integrations, 60+ features, and progressive technology with dedicated customer support. Explore what it means to have a system that supports your work and, above all, is super user-friendly. 

  • Combine the business hour feature with call routing, so your clients always know when you are available.
  • Design your own workflow with the Call flow designer. Easy to use, based on business needs. 
  • Work remotely and have all of your data at the hand. 
  • Make data-based decisions in real-time thanks to CloudTalk's advanced analytics and dashboard. 
Integrate your call center software with business tools

Wondering what can CloudTalk offer you above Vonage?

We have so much! But let us show you, what exactly is it about CloudTalk, that over 2 500 call centers have chosen us.
Even over Vonage. 

Campaign management
Data import/export
Customizable Reports
Integrations Management
Text to speech
Activity dashboard
Workflow Management
Call screening
Survey/Poll Management
3-way calling

Comparison data is based on an analysis from Q4, 2021.
Comparing CloudTalk Essential vs Vonage  Edition plan paid monthly.

We want you to have the best

here are the main 3 reasons, why we think CloudTalk is a better choice for your business

Benefit - Smart productivity features
Easy setup
You should expect only the best when it comes to usability and setup. CloudTalk offers you the new Onboarding portal with all the information without searching the internet to find what you need.  CloudTalk also offers you a dedicated onboarding support manager for the best experience. 
Benefit - High Quality Calls
High-quality calls
Thanks to the globally distributed server CloudTalk guarantees you high-quality calls. If your call quality drops below a certain level, we automatically change the call route in real-time. Enjoy smooth outbound calling even when 2 or more people are in. 
Benefit - Setup in 5 minutes
Data import
Import your data into CloudTalk with a single click. Upload CSV file via Import integration and a comprehensive database in one place. Each imported contact can be labeled by the tag of your choice so agents have all the relevant information without searching multiple databases. 

Enhance your productivity with
over 40 CloudTalk's key integrations


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