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Give Your Customers What They Want, When They Need It

Ensure your customers always reach the right person for the job, improve your support team management and increase efficiency with CloudTalk’s Automated Call Distribution (ACD).


You will hear the CloudTalk ringtone when calling:

How Does Automated Call Distribution Work?

Automated Call Distribution allows call centers to route incoming calls to the right agents, play pre-recorded messages, and send the calls to voicemail. It shortens wait times, streamlines call resolution by optimizing task assignment and improves efficiency. CloudTalk’s Call Flow Designer lets you set up custom routing based on agent availability, incoming number, caller location, current date, or time of day. All it takes is a few clicks in our intuitive flow interface.

Why Is ACD Unique?

Effective & Equal Call Distribution

ACD understands not only agent availability but also knows the number of calls they take in a day. Instead of overworking parts of your team, divide incoming calls evenly, so everyone works an equal amount. When combined with Skill-based Routing, CloudTalk’s ACD can also assign complex tickets to more experienced agents to avoid frustration and improve call resolution.

Advanced Analytics

Smart analytics features like call monitoring, statistics, and a real-time dashboard allow you to make better management decisions when and where you need to. With historical data in hand, you can evaluate past and present performance, address potential issues with your processes, and improve your call center efficiency.

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Automatic Call-Back

Is no one there to take an incoming call? No problem! If a customer’s call goes unanswered, ACD calls them back as soon as an agent is available, skipping ahead of the queue to save as much wait time and frustration as possible.

Dial Fast,
Dial Smart

With ACD, you don’t need to put all your eggs into one basket. Create multiple call queues so customers can interact with agents, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus, or voicemail. Ensure clients always have a means of reaching you.

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I love that It counts calls, takes country codes automatically, and has features like voice messages, call recordings, and SMS.

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  • What does ACD stand for?

    ACD stands for automated call distribution. It is a virtual phone system feature commonly used in call centers. An automated call distribution system has some advanced features, for example:

    Skills-based routing: connects callers with the best agents to help them solve
    their problems. 

    Call Queuing: creates call queues to increase efficiency and shorten wait
    times between calls.

    Caller Identification: gives agents all the necessary information about a
    caller before they even pick up the phone.

  • How does ACD work in a call center?

    ACD, or automated call distribution, answers incoming calls and routes them to specific agents or departments in the organization. ACD systems can be found in any office that handles a large volume of inbound calls. Furthermore, the ACD system implements call routing to help manage call traffic and distribute calls.

  • What are the benefits of ACD?

    The main benefits of Automatic Call Distribution include:

    Flawless Routing
    Increased Agent Productivity
    Faster Response to Calls
    Optimized Resources

  • What is the difference between ACD and IVR?

    Interactive voice response and automatic call distribution are telephony automation tools to make your calls more efficient. The difference is that IVR systems help collect user data and empower callers to self-serve their problems. ACD routes incoming calls to contact center agents or employees with specific skills. While ACD and IVR serve different purposes, it is important to use both systems together.

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If there are any unanswered phone calls, CloudTalk automatically calls your customers back.