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Call Center ACD

Automated smart and efficient queue distribution of inbound calls based on all available data to make sure that callers are always directed to the most qualified agent or agent group.

Automated Call Distribution (ACD) is the backbone of call center software. It combines several features making your support team management more productive and efficient because the caller can be automatically routed to the most appropriate agent.

ACD allows you to route inbound calls to competent agents based on all available caller information stored in CloudTalk, IVR (interactive voice response), call queues, business hours, or skillsets of individual agents. By combining all these features, you will improve each caller’s experience.

The following functions are part of our ACD feature.

Automated call routing to the most appropriate agent

ACD call routing feature routes inbound calls to a specific agent or department that is most competent to deal with the caller’s issue.

For example, a caller from Austria will be automatically redirected to German-speaking agents. When you have a promotion, callers will dial a special promotion phone and will be routed directly to agents with special training to respond to that particular promotion.

VIP clients

ACD enables intelligent management of your customer support team. This feature will allow your VIP clients to skip the queue and be instantly routed to the most competent agent. This means that your high-value clients will receive the attention and care they expect.

Call monitoring and reporting

With features such as call monitoring, call statistics, or a real-time dashboard, you can optimize your call center activities. CloudTalk collects real-time statistical data, which helps you make better managerial decisions at the right time. Historical reports help you detect and address poor team performance and reduce call center costs.

Call centers that leverage relevant data provide better customer service and foster customer loyalty.

Automatic callback

With ACD, no client will remain unattended. If callers cannot reach your agents, CloudTalk’s callback feature will record data on each abandoned or missed call. After some time, the system will automatically dial the client’s number. This will help you serve customers who wanted to avoid the waiting queue and connect them with your agents. This feature will increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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Efficient support team management with multiple call queues

With CloudTalk’s ACD feature, you can use multiple call queues and distribute your clients’ phone numbers into them. The combination of ACD and call queues will ensure that inbound calls are directed to the most appropriate agent group. Furthermore, when customers are waiting to be connected with an agent, they can listen to pleasant music or personalized greetings of their choice. 

You can also set maximum waiting time, after which the call automatically goes to voicemail or a different call queue, minimizing the caller’s waiting time.

Automated queue distribution makes your call center support team management automatic and efficient, saving your time, as well as your callers’ time

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  • IVR – It is used for handling inbound calls, but also for outbound notifications, e.g. to remind the client to make a payment
  • Call Flow Designer – With our Call Flow Designer feature, you can manage your inbound calls coming to the call center step by step.
  • Warm transfer – it allows you to easily transfer callers over to other agents without having the possibility to speak with them first.

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