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When superb call quality is quintessential.

If you wanted to rent a yacht a few years ago, you didn't have too many choices. You had to visit offline dealers and rely on their catalogue photos to choose one. In addition to the amount of time required to rent, this often brought disappointment from reality. In 2016, BoatAround came to the scene and fundamentally changed the yacht rental game rules.

BoatAround is the world leader in yacht booking with key markets in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Although the beginnings of each business are quite uncertain, the new concept of yacht booking was meant to succeed for several reasons: flexibility, reliability and prices.

  • Flexibility. No need to book a yacht for the whole week if you don’t have the time. BoatAround lets you choose a preferred destination, date and yacht from more than 12 700 offers exactly according to your preferences with simple online booking.
  • Reliability. If you rent a yacht through BoatAround, you don't buy a pig in a poke. With real photos and reviews from hundreds of customers, you know exactly what to expect.
  • Prices. BoatAround works directly with yacht owners to offer their customers the best prices. Screenshot

Tackling the challenge with CloudTalk

When BoatAround’s customer base started to grow rapidly, so did the demand for excellent customer support. Unfortunately, the team was dissatisfied with their phone solution (especially with low call quality and dropping calls) which forced Pavel Pribis, CEO of BoatAround, to look for new software, which would address these problems.


Problems BoatAround faced

  • Poor call quality
  • Calls dropping for an unknown reason
  • Inability to use phone numbers from different regions (Germany, USA, UK...)

Although the previous solution allowed them to call all over the world, they had to use a single phone number. Operators often failed to connect with a customer they called, because customers didn’t want to answer unknown phone numbers from abroad. Thus, they had to contact customers repeatedly or send them an email, which caused delays and reduced their efficiency.

The key requirements for the new software were clear:

  • High quality and stability of calls all around the world
  • User-friendly interface
  • International numbers availability Team

When looking around for a new business phone solution, the team at BoatAround was recommended to give CloudTalk a try. Currently, BoatAround spends almost 110,000 minutes per year on the phone using 25 international numbers.

Pavel told us that they were verifying the quality of CloudTalk during its implementation in three steps: verification of call quality was followed by verification of call routing feature alongside with testing the ease of everyday use. The last step was adding agents and setting up skill-based routing. Being successful in all aspects, CloudTalk has become a daily part of their workflow, being able to provide better customer service than ever before.

Is a customer from Germany calling? Not a problem. CloudTalk directs the call to a German-speaking operator. When a customer contacts BoatAround outside their business hours a voice message is recorded and customer is reminded when support will be available again.

Results in the last 12 months

Outbound & Inbound calls
Minutes on the phone with clients
Phone numbers

Essential benefits

  • Skill-based routing – for example, German-speaking customers are automatically routed to Russian speaking operators
  • Business hours – when no-one is available, a voice message is recorded
  • Scalability – add or remove operators with high/low season

Pavel appreciates CloudTalk's flexibility and scalability, which allows BoatAround to fully customize CloudTalk as they grow. He also highlights the speed of a customer service team, which never leaves him waiting for a response. CEO
Pavel Pribis
CEO of BoatAround
After leaving, Pavel co-founded Boataround in 2016 and he has been running the business operations since.

Pavel’s favorite features

  • Call statistics – with easy-to-see metrics, Pavel can easily see when most customers are calling and customize the availability of operators.
  • International numbers let Pavel run a call center from a single office while maintaining local image by using local phone numbers.
  • Business hours – BoatAround’s customer support operates 7 days a week which is unusual but not a problem to set up in CloudTalk. Pavel set different business hours for each phone number along with custom rules to redirect customers to a different number or play any message to them when someone is not available on the first choice.

At BoatAround, the number one resolution for next year is business growth. However, they do not forget that people are as important as technology and therefore invest in employee's development and well-being.

At CloudTalk, we are super happy to help customers grow and nothing cheers us more than seeing them do so! Would you like to join the success train?

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