16. November 2018 Blog

How to improve call center performance

How to improve call center performance

Call center operators are only humans and that is why they cannot consistently keep the same high-performance level. But the main idea and meaning behind every business is to be generating profit while providing great customer care.

This is where call centers can help. They act as mediator and information provider between a company and a customer. The customer’s experience during a  call can influence the entire future of them using the services being offered.

Try to keep your workplace enjoyable but effective

You can increase the efficiency of your customer care agents by improving the relationships at the workplace. 
It doesn’t even have to be very hard – instead of formal meetings that could decrease performance and efficiency, try informal ones. A simple cup of tea or coffee and a lovely meeting could pave the way towards increasing the overall productivity of a call center.

Don’t forget mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is an ideal way towards finding out how your employees are doing when it comes to customer approach. You can find professional „shoppers“ to discover how your call center is doing. Don’t underestimate the external view. They can see your call center from a different perspective, thanks to which you will gain a whole new way how to see your center’s productivity.

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Motivation is important

Communicate, communicate, communicate. Every call center and every agent needs a bit of motivation to be able to produce better performance and be more productive. There are many ways how to achieve the best possible level of agent efficiency. Talk to every agent individually to find out what type of reward would be the best one for providing superior performance. 

Not everyone is interested in extra vacation days or having access to corporate electronic gadgets. Some may prefer more flexible working hours or an entirely different benefit. Communication is key.

Training’s important even in a call center

A person who practises achieves better results. This is true not just in sports but also in a call center. If you’re asking how to increase the performance of a call center, the answer is: regular training. 

The most important training is the very first one, which should be given as new agents are being hired. 
Preparing a manual for all sorts of potential situations they can find themselves in together with suitable solutions would be greatly beneficial for both sides.

Such manual is not a „one time job“. It should be regularly reviewed and new examples added, perhaps with situations that happen in the meantime.

Speed is the key towards customer satisfaction

Every customer, be it an existing or future one, wants to primarily solve their problem. This means that depending on what the call center focuses on or specializes in (sales, returns), everything should be resolved as soon as possible. 
First of all, agents should be well-trained to be able to solve everything swiftly and effectively during the first call.

Call center software must be clear and simple

To make sure that your agents are always best-informed about their work, provide them with a clever call center software
The software will need to be very intuitive so that data can be found quickly and comfortably. Ideally, such software should be located in a cloud. Therefore, you can access it from literally anywhere and at any time, which can make things a lot easier in case unexpected problems occur.

Think of your call center as a living organism

Every company is evolving. This is true in more ways than one when it comes to a call center which has a standard amount of agents. Look at it and take it from the perspective of constant changes and you will see that the effort will come back in the form of higher performance. Company can only be as good as its people. The more you invest in them, the higher the efficiency of the call center will be.