Integration with Hubspot

Call center integration for Hubspot

Enhance your sales and customer support team efficiency. Only 3-click CloudTalk + Hubspot integration allows you to automate your workflows, boost the team performance and track all the important metrics. Utilize all the benefits without any compromises.

Deliver excellent customer experience

Every client or prospect appreciate personal attention. Always have all fresh information about your customers in one place. It only takes one click to get from the CloudTalk's Phone app to Hubspot customer profile. Have all the important information, when the client is calling, available even before picking up the call. This powerful integration allows you to make your communication more effective and personalized.

Boost your team's productivity

Always have up-to-date information about your clients. Thanks to powerful CloudTalk + Hubspot call center integration, all your notes, tags, rating, contacts and communication history are automatically synchronized in both systems, without a need to add these details manually.

All your incoming and outgoing calls are automatically logged in your Hubspot. Moreover, abandoned or missed calls are recorded as well, so you won't lose any deal again. With our Power dialer feature, these customers will be dialled automatically once an agent is available.

CloudTalk contact center integration for Hubspot

Use smart metrics to track your team's activity

Deliver better results by measuring and tracking all important data. CloudTalk offers you smart analytics features like a call center statistics and real-time dashboard, where you can learn more about your team's performance. Moreover, useful insights will indicate the biggest challenges in the customer journey.

Use advanced features to increase the team performance

Technology is making our lives simpler and more efficient. CloudTalk offers you several of those advanced time-saving features. Click-to-call feature can recognize and convert any phone number in Hubspot to a clickable format and make your sales process faster and more personalized. Spend less time by doing repetitive tasks and focus more on your clients.

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