Call Masking

The Call Masking feature ensures that your personal phone number stays private. No need to share your phone number with everyone you are calling — share it only with the callers you choose.

The Virtual Caller ID is the number that the prospective lead or client will see when you call. Basically, when an an outgoing call is made with this service implemented, the agent selects a desired CloudTalk number or virtual "mask" to be the number that the client will see as the ID on the outgoing call. The chosen mask number may, for example, match a particular country codeHave you ever gotten a call with an unfamiliar prefix and automatically assumed it was spam, swiping to cancel? This is one situation that Virtual Caller ID aims to avoid.

Protect buyers' and sellers' personal phone numbers

Call Masking is a specific technique designed to protect the personal information of both parties - buyer and seller. 

When using this feature, a temporary phone number is created (either for both parties or just one), which allows them to communicate over a period of time without the need of revealing their personal information


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A great example is the transportation app. Imagine that you order a ride through an app (Uber or Bolt). The driver is not able to find you, so he is trying to connect with you. As the transportation app provider wants to protect both parties - driver & customer, he will use call masking for both sides. 

Call masking works for both parties, so it protects the privacy of the caller, regardless of who he is - a sales or customer support rep or a client. 

Where is the Call Masking feature used?

Call Masking is an excellent way to protect your employees' and customers' privacy. The private phone number is replaced with the newly created one, so neither party will be able to find it. The same technique can be used when sending SMS messages. Here are just a few examples of use cases:

  • Delivery services, 
  • Transportation or ride-sharing applications, 
  • Marketplaces, 
  • Medical facilities, etc. 

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