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Call Transcription – Convert Speech to Text

Streamline your work process efficiency across your organization with the latest speech-to-text technology. CloudTalk’s speech recognizer helps you convert your phone calls to text and facilitate search in your recordings

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You will hear the CloudTalk ringtone when calling:

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How Call Transcription Works

Our Speech-to-Text technology transcribes audio (your phone conversations) into searchable text. It’s the same technology that runs the most popular voice assistants in your pocket, for example, Siri or Google Assistant. 

When this feature is enabled, you’ll have a log of all your calls, not only in the form of an audio file but also as a text-based transcript. This makes it more convenient for you and your team to find any information you’re looking for.

It’s basically like having an always-available secretary. How cool is that!

What Makes Speech-to-Text Unique?

Search in recordings effortlessly

No need to worry about forgetting important information during phone calls and then having to re-listen to long recordings. Our Call Transcription feature automatically converts your phone conversations into text-based transcripts.

Improve your workflows

Help your agents catch all important details and search efficiently within past conversations. Provide them with automatically transcribed text versions of their phone calls. This allows your team to focus fully on the customer and provide better overall CX.

Quickly collect and analyze your data

Speed up data collection. Our Speech-to-Text (Call Transcription) feature automatically captures the entire phone conversation, converts it into text, and allows your agents to easily search for information with keywords. You’ll never miss any important data again.  

Export all your transcripts easily

You can easily export all your call transcripts into various formats or forward them to your CRM or other management systems. This way, you’ll have access to all important information whenever needed. Follow our tutorial.

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“With CloudTalk we are seamlessly interacting with our customers and are able to monitor calls and all the metrics related to calls. It has really helped us in enhancing our productivity.”

Sajid K
Sales Manager, G2 reviews


What is automatic call transcription ( or Speech-to-Text)?

Speech-to-Text is a technology that enables phone calls to be converted automatically into text. It is also known as speech recognition or computer speech recognition. With this feature, you can now rely both on a recorded audio file and a fully transcribed text for all your phone calls. 

How to use call transcription or Speech-to-Text?

First of all, make sure that you have the Expert or Custom CloudTalk plan. Following this guide, you can easily set up workflow automation, so all your recordings will be automatically transcribed to text.

What are the benefits of the phone call transcription feature?

Some of the benefits of Speech-to-Text text features:
– Convert your calls to text and facilitate search in recordings.
– Improve your workflows
– Quickly collect and analyse data
– Easily export your transcription 
– Boost the productivity of your agents
– Save time

How to transcribe a phone call?

With CloudTalk’s speech recognizer technology, you can set up your call transcription automatically. No more repetitive tasks or call notes. Save time and boost the productivity of your agents. Thanks to machine learning, Speech-to-Text can now pick up a large variety of accents and dialects, so you can expect good-quality transcriptions even when your customers are non-native speakers.

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